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Quiet Fan Range

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A Quiet Fan

Elegant, discreet axial fans that are supremely quiet and activate only when they are really needed, using exceptionally low energy

  • Quiet Mark - Approved by the Noise Abatement Society
  • Extremely quiet, from 25 dB(A)
  • Power consumption from 5 watts
  • Delay start versions for two minutes avoids unnecessary use (especially at night), and saves energy
  • Flow QT 100 - (75m3/hr / 90m3/hr)
    • QT 120 - (150m3/hr / 170m3/hr)
  • Innovative "Room Refresh" option for programmable ventilation every 4,8,12 or 24 hours
  • Very low SFP Ratings from 0.24 w/l/s
  • IP45 - Install in Zone1 with an RCD
  • Complies with latest 2010 Building Regulations
  • 120mm versions for larger bathrooms, utility rooms and living spaces
  • 75% more flow from a slightly increased fan footprint