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Duplexvent Rotary

The Duplexvent Rotary is a range of commercial MVHR units that has been expanded so to meet even more ventilation needs. This expanded range now includes 14 units (7 indoor and 7 outdoor units) and with a huge range of options available, your commercial ventilation needs will be met through a high-quality system that combines performance and energy efficiency whilst putting you in control.

What is the Duplexvent Rotary?

Building upon the highly successful Duplexvent range of commercial MVHR units, the Duplexvent Rotary is a range of all-purpose commercial MVHR units that use a rotary wheel heat exchanger to recover up to 85% of other wasted heat. This recovered heat is then used to pre-warm the incoming air before being supplied around the premises. In turn, the premises' ongoing heating costs are reduced, as less time is spent heating the building.

The range is available in two lines of seven units, which provide air flows from 1,500m3/hr to 15,000m3/hr and can be installed either inside the building or on the rooftop. These options mean that you’re guaranteed to find a unit and configuration that is perfect to meet your specification.

Common Features of the Duplexvent Rotary Range

Both the Duplexvent Rotary and Rotary-N have a compact, design which simplifies the transport to the site and accelerates the installation of the unit. The larger units of the range are delivered in 3-parts to help with installation.

Convenience is a key feature for the range, as both lines can be remotely controlled through the internet via a smart device or PC. All of the units can be integrated with a BMS which allows swift adjustment of ventilation based on localised changes in demand. There is also the option to use Airflow’s VAV damper system, which enables you to have a commercial MVHR system that responds to localised changes in demand without the need for a BMS.

The Duplexvent Rotary lines offer you market leading performance with constant flow and pressure control for your ventilation system. This means the indoor air quality won’t suffer and in turn helps to maintain a healthy indoor air environment for those working within the premises.

You can rest assured that you’ll get an energy efficient commercial MVHR system, as all of the units within the range meet the European Ecodesign Regulations.

The key features of the Duplexvent Rotary and Rotary-N ranges are:

  • Air flow from 1,500m3/hr to 15,000m3/hr
  • A Rotary Wheel Heat Exchanger with up to 85% thermal efficiency
  • T2 class insulation and TB1 or TB2 thermal bridging insulation
  • Compact modular design that accelerates construction and offers a discrete installation
  • Integrated heating and cooling functionality
  • Internet control through a smartphone or computer
  • BMS and VAV compatibility
  • G4, M5 and F7 filters available
  • Energy efficient EC fan
  • Low SFP
  • Adheres to VDI 6022 hygiene standards
  • Constant air flow and pressure control
  • Complies with European Ecodesign Regulations

Where can I install the Duplexvent Rotary?

The Duplexvent Rotary is suitable for a variety of commercial applications, including: schools, offices, shops, sports facilities, restaurants and industrial halls.

Depending on the room available at the premises, the Rotary can be installed inside the building (Rotary) or on the rooftop (Rotary-N).

How can you control your Duplexvent Rotary?

There is a range of options that enable the Duplexvent Rotary to be adjusted in line with any changes in demand with total ease. Each unit can be controlled with:

  • BMS Systems via the Modbus Protocol or KNX
  • A Smartphone or PC via the internet
  • VAV Damper System