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Old Kent Barn - Dover

The Perfect Day Requires the Perfect System

A wedding venue needs to be perfect in every way and it's not just the aesthetic value that's important to achieve superior standards. Ensuring the comfort of guests involves providing high-quality ventilation and warmth whilst still maintaining optimum efficiency, as one venue in Kent recently discovered.

The Old Kent Barn, near Dover, is a new barn build full of French oak beams and large airy spaces. The timber-heavy design led to the problem of effectively extracting stale air and supplying fresh warm air throughout the building, whilst paying close attention to reducing fire risks.

After much discussion with Don Fairey, technical sales manager at Airflow, site electrician Mark James opted for two Duplexvent 6000 units with CO2 sensing, DC digital control and fully automatic summer bypass facility to comply with building control stipulations. Once the decision was made the next challenge was getting them into the designated space within the building.

The units had to be lowered in through the roof space but once inside, due to the relatively small size of the units and their extremely hardwearing build, both could be manoeuvred into a space six metres by three metres, which still left adequate room for maintenance access.

The whole system can be operated by wireless digital controls, allowing for timely and adequate response to the changing conditions of the building and needs of the occupants. When operating in conjunction with the air conditioning system, the estimated costs of heating the entire 615 square metres is approximately £2.33 per hour.

"The Airflow units provide an extremely flexible method of ventilation for such a huge space," said Mr James. "Their sturdy design and size meant the units could cope with being moved through various spaces in order to sit where they were required. Because of the huge volume of air that is present in a building such as this, we needed a unit that could handle high extraction rates and deliver a high heat recovery rate, hence why we went with Airflow's Duplexvent units as they can recover up to 90 percent of heat and redistribute it through the barn."

John Kelly, marketing manager at Airflow, commented: "The Old Kent Barn is the perfect example of how the Duplexvent units can be used in a wide variety of commercial buildings. There were a lot of design aspects to contend with but they key element was to provide a highly-efficient MVHR system, which kept costs down but ensured a high level of comfort for the occupants."