DV300 Entro
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DV300 Entro

The DV300 Entro is a highly efficient, side entry MVHR unit that can recover up to 93% of other wasted heat.
The unit is made with high density EPP material which provides significant insulation and eliminates thermal bridging. DV300 has a low energy EC fans that minimise the unit's energy consumption and can help you reduce your energy bills.
The unit has an easy to maintain plastic counterflow heat exchanger that prevents the airstreams from mixing and easy to clean air filters that provide you with a clean, healthy indoor air environment.
The DV300 Entro complies with the ErP 2016 standards and also conforms with the more stringent proposed ErP 2018 Directive. The unit comes with an outstanding 2 years warranty*, is SAP Appendix Q eligible and is Passive House approved.


  • For use in dwellings up to 150m2
  • Up to 93% thermal efficiency
  • "A" energy rating
  • Adjustable control
  • G4 filters (F7 optional)
  • Automatic, 100% summer by-pass
  • Lightweight design allows for multiple install options
  • Durable EPP casing
  • Optional digital touchscreen controller
  • Optional ducted electric pre-heater
  • Optional ducted electric post-heater
  • Complies with Building Regulations and Passive house certified
  • SAP Appendix Q eligible
  • 2 year warranty


The DV300 Entro includes an easily removable, plastic heat exchanger which transfers warmth from the outgoing waste airstream into the incoming fresh air with thermal efficiency up to 93%. At no point do the airstreams mix.

The DV300 Entro unit is designed with a double filter facility that comes with 2 x G4 filters as standard. There is the option to have a F7 pollen filter included, which provides additional protection against invisible, harmful particles and creates an ultra hygienic environment, particularly relevant for those suffering from asthma or other respiratory conditions.


The lightweight design of the DV300 Entro (it only weighs 21kg) empowers to you install it in the manner that best suits the layout of your home. It can be easily installed on the wall, ceiling or floor, so no longer are you restricted by large, cumbersome units.


The DV300 Entro is made with a high density EPP material as standard that provides significant insulation and eliminated any thermal bridging. There is the option to house the unit within a durable metal casing that will help to extend the life of the unit.

90000398 DV300 Entro Energy Efficiency Class A
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In addition to a choice of compatible ducting systems a full range of controls, sensors, in-line silencers, floor/wall/ceiling inlet and outlet diffusers are available to complete the installation.


All centralised mechanical ventilation units require good quality compatible ducting installed to a high standard. To ensure the best results, we recommend the innovative AIRFLEX PRO semi-rigid ducting system to be used with heat recovery ventilation systems.

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*Excluding motors. Motor warranty is one year from date of purchase.