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Duplexvent DV72R

The Duplexvent DV72 is a ventilation unit with state-of-the-art technology. Designed to provide both essential ventilation and to save you money through its heat recovery systems. This is cost effective and environmentally friendly option for residential and light commercial applications.

The DV72 offers heat recovery efficiency almost unknown to units of its size and price.

The unit is supplied with a separately mounting commissioning switch. It provides two, 100% user adjustable speed levels which can be set on installation. In addition both fans can be independently adjusted to ensure a balanced system upon commissioning.

Automatic thermal summer by-pass is activated by an internal sensor at 25ºC by reducing the speed of the supply air fan by 25%. When the supply temperature reaches 30ºC the fan reduces by a further 25%. This thermal by-pass limits the heat recovery effect by reducing the volume of warmed fresh air supplied into the dwelling. At no time will the supply fan cease to operate which ensures re-circulation.


  • Extracts up to 260 m3/hr @ 100 Pa
  • Heat recovery efficiency is more than 91%
  • SFP down to 0.60 W/l/s
  • Fits inside a 600mm kitchen cupboard
  • SAP-APPENDIX Q eligible


  • For use in residential dwellings up to 4 bedrooms.


  • Supply and extract air ventilation with heat recovery
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Highly efficient, over 91% heat recovery
  • Automatic thermal summer by-pass activated at 25°C
  • In-Built frost protection
  • Volt free or switch live boost activation
  • Excellent specifications for its low cost
  • Easy replacement of filters
  • Vertical or horizontal mounting
  • Three flow rates
  • 1 year warranty

90000556 DV72 Right Energy Efficiency Class A
90000556 DV72 Right Product Fiche
Detailed product specification (PDF)
Duplexvent Residential MVHR Brochure (PDF)
DV72 Operating Instructions (PDF)


In addition to a choice of compatible ducting systems a full range of air heaters, in-line silencers, floor, wall and ceiling inlet and outlet diffusers, ground source heat pumps and geo thermal water heaters are available to complete the installation.


Mechanical ventilation units require good quality compatible ducting and a high standard of installation.
To ensure the best results, we recommend the innovative AIRFLEX PRO semi-rigid ducting system to be used with AIRFLEX ISO insulated ducting system.

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