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  • Extracts up to 370 m3/hr @ 100 Pa
  • Thermal efficiency exceeds 90%
  • SFP as low as 0.45 W/l/s
  • Low noise thanks to the innovative fan design
  • SAP-APPENDIX Q listed and BEST PRACTICE rated


Duplexvent BV400 is a ventilation unit with state-of-the-art technology suitable for medium and large size houses. Designed to provide essential ventilation and to save you money through its intelligent heat recovery facility, this system provides a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option for residential applications.

Laying claim to one of the best performing heat recovery ventilation units available, the Duplexvent BV400 achieves a specific fan power (SFP) as low as 0.45 W/l/s. Combined with 93% heat recovery, this provides housebuilders and developers with significant reductions in Dwelling Emission Rates (DER). Meeting the latest Building Regulations Document Part F 2010, the unit also complies with Energy Saving Trust Best Practice.


  • Supply and extract air ventilation with heat recovery
  • Universal design for right and left hand use
  • Easy installation via interchangeable spigots
  • Automatic summer bypass and frost protection
  • Built-in humidity sensor
  • Digital controller as standard
  • Boost operation with timer function
  • Childproof protection for extra safety
  • Real time filter monitoring for effective maintenance
  • Optional F7 class filters
  • Self diagnostic facility for ease of servicing
  • Home automation control via BMS connection
  • On demand control via built-in, room or duct sensor options
  • 2 year warranty*
  • Supplied with Analogue Controller
  • Optional Digital Controller available at additional cost


The Duplexvent BV400 incorporates a counter-flow heat exchanger having a triangular channel structure. This innovative design contributes to thermal efficiency of 93% which helps save on the heating bills and shorten the pay-back period of the system.

The units are equipped with the new EBM Radical Line EC backward curved fans which consume as little as 15W (costing only £15 per year to operate) and already surpass the new ErP Directives. The fan blades are designed with a dimensionally stable, hybrid construction and their aerodynamic optimised shape reduces noise by 30% compared to equivalent units on the market.


The unit has a universal design for left and right handing which can easily be adapted on site providing wide installation flexibility and creating “last minute installation solutions” for miscalculated project specifications.

Also, the unit is fitted with flexible spigots allowing duct connections to be installed either from the top or bottom of the unit. This configuration allows the unit to be installed in confined locations and saves on ducting requirements and installation time.


The Duplexvent BV400 comes complete with a fully integrated bypass damper where its motorised damper is automatically triggered by the built-in temperature sensors. This automatic facility allows a building to take advantage of free cooling available when ambient temperature is below the room design condition.

On-demand ventilation with boost function which can be activated by the volt-free, switched live or low voltage sensors, deliver the required air volume automatically based on the CO2, humidity and occupancy levels. The connections also benefit from "run-on" and "over-run" timer functions which prevent the unit from boosting unnecessarily.

Automatic Frost Protection reduces the supply and increases the extract ventilation rates for a certain period to prevent ice build-up within the heat recovery cell. Alternatively, an electric pre-heater (optional accessory) can be used to effectively heat the incoming outdoor air.


The robust housing unit consists of a highly insulated body, which is enclosed in a galvanised metal jacket, ensuring high durability.

The front and back of the heat exchanger are sealed by a soft insulation material which creates an optimum leak-proof construction and avoids any thermal bridging.

Childproof protection locks the control panel when needed and protects the unit against unwanted manipulation.

An emergency switch is also available on the unit which can also be connected to the fire alarm. If activated this immediately cuts the unit’s power off providing an alternative safety measure for the user.


Both the supply/exhaust air filters (standard G4, optional F7) as well as the heat exchanger and fans can be easily maintained via the front access door.

To assist this process the maintenance indicator flashes on the control switch at a pre-set time interval. Alternatively, extra pressure sensors (optional accessory) are used to monitor the filter status.

A self diagnostic facility which indicates the failures on the main components such as fans, sensors and heaters, is also available. This notifies the user for necessary service action and allows service engineers to quickly respond.

90000660 Energy Efficiency Class A
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In addition to a choice of compatible ducting systems a full range of heaters, in-line silencers, floor/wall/ceiling inlet and outlet diffusers are available to complete the installation.


All centralised mechanical ventilation units require good quality compatible ducting installed to a high standard. To ensure the best results, we recommend the innovative AIRFLEX PRO semi-rigid ducting system to be used with heat recovery ventilation systems.

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* Excluding motors. Motor warranty is one year from date of purchase