Duplexvent Multi Roof DV10000
Duplexvent Multi Roof DV10000
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Duplexvent Multi Roof DV10000


  • Fully customised MVHR up to 10700 m3/h
  • Excellent thermal efficiency up to 93%
  • Direct ducting through the roof
  • Ready for crane transport
  • Side doors for maintenance works
  • BREEAM, EPDB and ErP 2013/2015 compliant
  • 2 year warranty*


The Duplexvent Multi Roof DV10000 offers attractive and practical styling, designed for ease of installation, plus up to 93% heat recovery efficiency thanks to the latest counter flow heat exchanger technology, which will significantly reduce heating bills. While further benefits include low specific fan power (SFP) of 0.33 W/m3/h, air leakage of less than 3% and automatic bypass, air circulation and frost protection facilities, the unit also incorporates exceptional casing insulation (30mm) to avoid any thermal bridging and achieve extremely low noise levels.

All the Duplexvent Multi Roof outdoor units are designed with continuous emphasis on installation and service comfort. The units can easily be lifted by a crane thanks to the lifting lugs supplied in the standard delivery. Having the extra insulated base frame the unit can be ducted directly through the roof that saves material and labour costs in ducting and also significantly reduces the energy loss. Moreover, maintenance works can easily be carried out via various side access doors wihout the need to open the main unit doors that simplifies and accelerates the maintenance process.

Available in 8 different outdoor versions, the Duplexvent Multi Rooof units can be 100% customised using our selection software to suit your applications. This means specifiers can configure spigot connections, filters, dampers, built-in heating and cooling options to deliver the required performance.

Extra benefits include low energy, low noise EC fans, internet connection with smart phone application control, BMS connection (ModBus, KNX, BACnet), built-in heating/cooling coils, air circulation and bypass facilities.

The unit can be controlled via Internet thanks to the Duplexvent Control System, which can link into the building management system as well as be controlled from various mobile devices. This real time monitoring ensures that changing conditions are identified and responded to, curtailing the regularity of servicing and running costs.

In addition, thanks to the innovative EC fan technology all of the Multi units are compliant with the Energy Related Products Directive (ErP) 2013/2015 and qualify as part of a building’s BREEAM assessment, giving significant advantages to specifiers and architects who wish to incorporate MVHR into their designs.


  • Supply and extract air ventilation with heat recovery
  • Insulated base frame allows ducting through the roof
  • Side doors enable quick maintenance
  • Lifting lugs simplify crane transport
  • Built-in electric, water and DX heating/cooling options
  • Automatic, 100% summer bypass and air circulation
  • Boost operation with timer function
  • Pre-heater assisted frost protection
  • 10-step digital controller with LCD display
  • User control via internet connection
  • BMS connection (ModBus, KNX, BACnet)
  • On demand control via CO2, humidity, air quality and PIR sensor options
  • G4 / M5 / F7 class filter options
  • Real time filter monitoring for effective maintenance
  • Self diagnostic facility for ease of servicing
  • Extra accessories such as shut-off dampers, flexible connectors are available
  • Compliant with Passive House and VDI 6022 hygiene standards


  • L 3370mm x W 1620mm x H 1795mm
  • Weight: 1220-1330 kg

Commercial MVHR Set-Up and Start-Up Service
Detailed product specification (PDF)
Disassembling instructions (PDF)
Duplexvent Commercial MVHR Brochure (PDF)

* Excluding motors. Motor warranty is one year from date of purchase.