Airslate & Adaptor
Airslate & Adaptor
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A multifunctional roof ventilation terminal finished in grey slate colour - constructed from tough ABS plastic. The Airslate integrates into a slate roof giving a pleasing asthetic finish when roof space ventilation - or ventilation from a mechanical ventilation system needs to be achieved. The Airslate comes with a universal adaptor for connection to 100mm, 110mm, 125mm, 150mm and 160mm ventilation ducts and has an extremely low pressure drop of just 8 Pa at 30L/sec. Suitable for slate , shingle and asphalt roofs with an angle of over 25 degrees pitch. Overall dimensions 600mm x 300mm easily installed, the Airslate has good resistance to climatic conditions, with angled vents slats to avoid the ingress of rain. For heavy and persistent rain, there are drainage sluices on either side of the outlet fascia that will negate any build-up of moisture within the outlet should ingress occur. The front grill fascia is 10,000mm sq. , 90% free area as per the requirements of Building Regulations Approved Document F, and is also removable from the outside for maintenance access or cleaning.

  • Easy installation and fixing.
  • Aesthetically blends with pitched slate roofs.
  • Tough ABS Plastic ( Slate Colour ).
  • Suitable for Mechanical Ventilation Systems
  • 100mm - 160mm duct connection achievable.
  • Enables "best practice" to Domestic Compliance 2010 installation guidelines.
  • For roofs of 25 Degree pitch or greater. Inhibits ingress of rain.

Airslate Universal Slate Roof Outlet (PDF)