Airovent HVS-10 R
Airovent HVS-10 R
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HVS-10 R

HVS-10 R provides continuous, low energy, cost effective ventilation in new and refurbished dwellings. Conveniently located in lofts and cupboards it will provide excellent, low noise extraction from a combination of the bathroom, en-suites, utility room and kitchen through easy to fit ducting. Supplied with wireless remote control and built-in humidity sensor.

SAP-Appendix Q eligible and rated in BEST PRACTICE category.

By continuously extracting stale, moist air a generally healthier environment is created to help alleviate the problems of dampness and condensation benefiting both the fabric of the building and also occupant health.

With 14 selectable pre-set speeds, installed performance can be optimised to suit the dwellings layout and occupant demand efficiently supplied.


  • New domestic properties and refurbishments
  • Suitable for houses, flats, apartments and sheltered accommodation

Main Features

  • SAP-Appendix Q ELIGIBLE in BEST PRACTICE category
  • Energy efficient EC motor technology
  • Designed for continuous trickle ventilation with meduim and high extraction boost speeds
  • Extracts from multiple rooms simultaneously
  • Helps reduce condensation problems
  • Low noise, long life motors
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Robust ABS casing
  • Three 125mm duct connections for choice of inputs (flat channel and flexible)
  • 14 Multiple speed control options for low, medium and boost extraction levels
  • Supplied with wireless remote control and built-in humidity sensor
  • Optional accessories available for humidity and timer control.

Product Fiche
Energy Efficiency Class B
Detailed product specification (PDF)


Mechanical ventilation units require good quality compatible ducting and a high standard of installation.
To ensure the best results, we recommend the innovative AIRFLEX PRO semi-rigid ducting system to be used with AIRFLEX ISO insulated ducting system.

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