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DV50 (R) Adroit
Product Ref: 90000584
Price: £2,394.11 each
In Stock

187m3/hr at 100Pa Side Entry. Ceiling Installation

Product Ref: 90000556
Price: £994.70 each
In Stock

260 m3/hr @ 100 Pa
Top Entry Connections

DV80 (R) Adroit
Product Ref: 90000586
Price: £2,646.25 each
In Stock

285m3/hr at 100Pa Side Entry Ceiling Installation

DV96 (R) Adroit
Product Ref: 90000576
Price: £2,457.14 each
In Stock

320m3/hr at 100Pa Top entry connections

DV110 (R) Adroit
Product Ref: 90000578
Price: £2,583.22 each
Low Stock

370m3/hr at 100Pa Top entry connections

DV50 (Right Hand)
Product Ref: 90000003
Price: £2,394.11 Each
In Stock

216 m3/hr @ 100 Pa
Side Entry,
Ceiling Installation

DV145 (R) Adroit
Product Ref: 90000580
Price: £3,213.58 each
Low Stock

542m3/hr at 100Pa Top entry connections

DV245 (R) Adroit
Product Ref: 90000582
Price: £5,042.86 each
In Stock

929m3/hr at 100Pa Top entry connections

DV90SCK (Right Hand)
Product Ref: 9041576
Price: £2,583.22 Each
In Stock

306 m3/hr @ 100 Pa
Top Entry Connections
Wall Installation

DV90K (R) Adroit
Product Ref: 90000663
Price: £2,579.44 each
Low Stock

252 m3/hr at 100Pa Cooker hood unit

DV96SE (Right Hand)
Product Ref: 90000393
Price: £2,385.58 Each
Low Stock

320 m3/hr @ 100 Pa
Top Entry Connections
Wall Installation

Silver Cover - iC30
Product Ref: 52634507B
Price: £33.10 Each
In Stock

iCON 30 Silver cover

 QuietAir QT120B
Product Ref: 9041497
Price: £122.46 each
In Stock

Basic fan remote switching

1 AMP Speed Controller
Product Ref: 9021055
Price: £130.38 each
In Stock

100% speed controller for linear control of fans

100 x 500mm
Product Ref: 90000642
Price: £66.56 each
Low Stock

Semi Flexible Insulated Sound Attenuator

100mm Grey Roof Cowl
Product Ref: 9004554
Price: £39.34 Each
In Stock

Roof Cowl - Grey

125 mm dia. 45° Elbow
Product Ref: 9041154
Price: £34.28 Each
In Stock

45° ISO Bend - 125mm

21ATX Fan
Product Ref: 71144606
Price: £85.10 Each
In Stock

Single inlet Fan - Airflow up to 18.36m3/h

40B2TX Duplex Fan
Product Ref: 71988801F
Price: £330.36 Each
In Stock

Twin centrifugal fan

450mm  Roof Slate
Product Ref: 9004597
Price: £77.46 Each
In Stock

Pitched roof covering

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