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iCON Fan Range

iCON revolutionised residential ventilation with its radical, Red Dot Design Award winning design and powerful extraction. iCON offers unparalleled versatility by using interchangeable control modules, so you don't need to change the entire fan to change how you use iCON.

iCON can match any décor with a range of twist and click replaceable covers.

iCON is available in three models and is able to provide excellent ventilation to your toilet/en-suite (iCON 15), bathroom (iCON 30) and kitchen (iCON 60).

Common features of iCON

The following features can be found across each model of iCON:

  • Extracts up to 72 l/sec
  • Noise levels as low as 30.3 dB(A)
  • Unique iris shutter operates silently and prevents backdraughts
  • Up to 8 different modular controls
  • Up to 4* twist and click covers
  • IPX4 Rated
  • Complies with Building Regulations

*iCON 15 has 4 replaceable covers. iCON 30 and 60 have 3 replaceable covers.

Benefits of iCON

You receive the following benefits by installing iCON within your home:

  • An extractor fan that is adjustable to meet you needs
  • Stylish ventilation that can suit any décor in any room
  • Backdraught prevention
  • Extremely quiet effective ventilation

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iCON 15
Product Ref: 72683501
Price: £81.79 each
In Stock

240V Low energy axial fan

iCON 15S
Product Ref: 72683701
Price: £203.18 each
In Stock

12V DC Low energy fan

iCON 30
Product Ref: 72591601
Price: £160.76 Each
In Stock

240V iCON 30 Basic mixed flow fan

iCON 30 Fan - Blister
Product Ref: 72591601B
Price: £163.00 Each
Low Stock

iCON 30 Basic fan in a blister pack

iCON 30S
Product Ref: 72683801
Price: £218.81 each
In Stock

12V Low energy DC fan

iCON 60 Fan - Blister
Product Ref: 72591701B
Price: £193.98 each
Low Stock

iCON 60 Basic fan in blister pack

iCON 15 Shower Kit HT
Product Ref: 90000433
Price: £140.76 each
In Stock

Shower kit with Humidity Timer Module

iCON 15 Shower Kit T
Product Ref: 90000434
Price: £111.77 each
Low Stock

Shower kit with Timer Module

iCON 60
Product Ref: 72591701
Price: £193.33 Each
In Stock

240V iCON 60 Basic fan

Product Ref: 82657101
Price: £72.96 Each
In Stock

iCON Countertop POS Stand

iCON SELV Transformer
Product Ref: 9041336
Price: £42.00 each
In Stock