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Roomvent T (O7)
Product Ref: 71616301
Price: £282.08 Each
In Stock

A powerful centrifugal fan

SSDF2 Flue Dilution Fan
Product Ref: 72553201
Price: £1,032.08 Each
In Stock

Stainless steel fan case - Aluminium impeller

Timer Module
Product Ref: 72687224
In Stock

Adjustable timer module for the iCONsmart.

Vane Switch & Guard
Product Ref: 72482701F
Price: £240.55 Each
In Stock

Vane switch and guard pack for GBDF/SSDF2

VAV Damper 125mm
Product Ref: 90000736
Low Stock

VAV Damper 125mm
(Price on application)

White Louver - Suitable for Venting Gas Appliances
Product Ref: 90000588
Price: £3.22 each
In Stock

Dimensions: 250 x 99 x 13mm

Product Ref: 72684310
Price: £298.27 each
In Stock

SELV 2 Speed - Humidity Timer

125 mm dia. 90° Elbow
Product Ref: 9041152
Price: £58.97 Each
In Stock

90° ISO Bend - 125mm

125 x 500mm
Product Ref: 90000643
Price: £73.81 each
In Stock

Semi Flexible Insulated Sound Attenuator

26BTC Fan
Product Ref: 71923201F
Price: £85.70 Each
In Stock

Single inlet Fan - With airflow up to 58.32m3h

3 AMP Speed Controller
Product Ref: 9021056
Price: £172.72 Each
In Stock

100% speed controller for linear control of fans

600mm Roof Slate
Product Ref: 9004598
Price: £83.05 Each
In Stock

Pitched roof covering

Product Ref: 71172316
Price: £402.52 Each
In Stock

Double inlet Fan - With airflow up to 846.0m3/h

Airovent HVS-10 R
Product Ref: 72649701
Price: £905.11 each
In Stock

Central Extract Ventilation

Aria 100T
Product Ref: 90000688
Price: £80.99 each
In Stock

Adjustable Timer Budget Extraction

Aura Eco 100T
Product Ref: 9041348
Price: £73.04 each
In Stock

Adjustable timer overrun

Aura Eco 125T
Product Ref: 90000533
Price: £88.86 each
In Stock

Adjustable timer overrun

Aura Eco 150T
Product Ref: 9041352
Price: £118.70 each
In Stock

Adjustable timer overrun

Aura Shower Kit Basic+ LED
Product Ref: 9041422
Price: £142.45 each
In Stock

Aura in-line basic shower kit with LED light grille

Aura Smart MSHT
Product Ref: 90000385
Price: £298.69 each
In Stock

Innovative Low Energy Axial Fan - interchangeable 100/ 125mm spigots

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