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Approximately 20,000 people build their dream home each year in the UK. Naturally they want good value but they also want quality products that will be reliable and stand the test of time.

Airflow has over 55 years of expertise in developing ventilation products that are quiet, reliable and save money on energy bills over many years.

From the million selling Loovent extractor fan range to stylish, silent shutter iCON fans that colourfully blend in with existing decor to the QuietAir range of ultra low energy low noise fans there is a range of options to suit your project.

Of course as a self builder you may be more interested in a whole house solution. You will be building to stringent low carbon targets aiming for Carbon zero or Passive Haus standards so reducing your Dwelling Emission Rate (DER) will be very important to you.

Duplexvent ventilation with heat recovery systems save up to 94% of the heat from extracted air that otherwise would be wasted. Combine this with other environmentally appropriate products to reduce your energy consumption and help achieve a shorter payback on your investment.

Airflow has a solution to meet all aspects of the latest Building Regulations for ventilation which also includes Airflex Pro, our zero leakage ductwork system that ensures very low noise transmission between rooms, exceptional hygiene standards by preventing dust build up and no leakage.

Whatever type of ventilation you have in mind our FREE system design service can ensure that an energy saving solution that complies with the latest Building regulations can be achieved at reasonable cost. Send us your drawings for a free assessment and quotation.

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Further Advice?
The National Self Build and Renovation Centre

For Self Builders interested in financial, planning and construction advice we recommend you visit the National Self Build and Renovation Centre in Swindon. A permanent exhibition features all the products you need to complete a successful self build project. See the Airflow display of energy saving extract fans and ventilation with Heat Recovery products including Airflex Pro, our zero leakage ducting system.
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