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Shakespeare Road Medical Centre - Rotherham

Leading air movement expert, Airflow, has supplied its MVHR technology for installation at Shakespeare Road Medical Centre in Rotherham. Due to the nature of the project, the system has been integrated to help ensure a free flowing supply of fresh filtered air is supplied at all times.

Installed to help reduce the spread of airborne germs and to help maintain the interior health of the building, Airflow's Duplexvent 220 MVHR unit and Airflex Pro semi-rigid ducting system work together to extract stale air before refreshing rooms connected to the system with filtered warm air recovered from the outgoing air.

Extracting up to 220 m3/hr of air, the Duplexvent 220 unit brings a high level of ventilation to the surgery, removing and refreshing air from the main waiting room, GP consultation rooms and toilets. Incorporating a plastic counterflow heat recovery exchanger and two centrifugal fans, in addition to fully integrated supply and return air filters, the Duplexvent 220 unit delivers heat recovery efficiency of up to 90%.

To ensure an incredibly efficient level of ventilation and heat recovery, the Duplexvent 220 unit was connected to the Airflex Pro semi-rigid ducting system to deliver an effective level of air distribution to and from all connected rooms thanks to its zero leak design.

Recently independently tested, Airflex Pro is now an input for SAP calculations via Appendix Q, helping architects and contractors reduce carbon emissions.
Using low resistance, smooth bore tubing, with an anti-static coating to prevent dust build up, Airflex Pro allows for the simple connection between rooms to the heat recovery unit via an air distribution box. Directly connecting each air inlet and outlet in this way there is zero opportunity for leakage, meaning there is no chance of the loss of valuable regained warm air in the system.

Neil Dolan, Managing Director of Cheshire Vacuum Systems, Airflow's accredited installer, commented: "It was incredibly easy to install the entire MVHR system due to the relative simplicity by which the two main components fitted together. With a simple push to fit sealing, Airflex Pro could be easily attached to the Duplexvent 220 at its outlet points delivering a highly effective connection."

He continued: "Considering the nature of this installation, it was extremely important to ensure that an adequate level of ventilation was delivered to help reduce the levels of airborne germs spreading throughout the building, a point of particular importance for both patients and staff alike. To avoid disruption to the surgery itself, we installed the system over a weekend meaning the MVHR technology was up and running first thing on Monday morning."

Designed to provide levels of ventilation that meet Building Regulations Part F and Part L, the Duplexvent 220 unit is supplied with a two year warranty. Compatible with a speed controller, allowing normal or boost settings to be selected according to the needs of the building occupants, the unit provides an exceptional level of heat recovery and ventilation as a result of an intuitively designed system suitable for installation in both residential and light commercial applications.