Sheltered Housing

As the UK population becomes older the need for dedicated accommodation for senior citizens becomes more important. Over 16% of the population (9.76 million) is now over 65 years of age.

Generally smaller dwellings need good ventilation to ensure a healthy atmosphere. This equally applies to those who require care and attention

Whilst keeping warm is imperative, refreshing the atmosphere helps combat the spread of virus and flu.

Airflow de-centralised mechanical ventilation units provide continuous, low level extraction to remove the build up of moisture and dampness preventing mould growth.

Zephair trickle fans have a boost speed facility for more powerful extraction when required.

Alternatively the Airovent central mechanical extract ventilation units ensure low level extraction with boost speed on demand.

By providing a 10mm undercut on internal doors both de-centralised and central extract ventilation provides a whole dwelling solution for healthier constant background ventilation.

Airovent Fans