What is Heat Recovery?

By Kira Jopp on Thu 03 September 2020

What is Heat Recovery?

Airflow is known globally for high quality ventilation products. We apply our 60 years knowledge and experience equally to our Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MHVR) and Mechanical Extract systems.

Heat recovery is a process of continuously preheating incoming cool supply air by warming it with the outgoing exhaust air.

Warm air is not simply exhausted to outside. Highly efficient heat exchangers transfer a larger percentage of heat energy to incoming supply air.


What is Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery?

A Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation (MVHR) system offers a solution by bringing fresh air into all habitable areas without letting the heat escape.

Stale air contaminated with humidity, toxins and smells is extracted from grilles in toilets and wet rooms. Areas such as bathroom, en-suite, utility rooms and kitchens allows a constant or demand oriented air flow volume to be extracted.

Fresh air is fed directly from outside into the ventilation system initially through a filter, then the heat taken from the extracted air is used to warm the fresh filtered air in the heat exchanger and then enters the ducting system. By continuously supplying preheated air into living areas and extracting contaminated air from wet rooms, you create a whole house ventilation system. Air is allowed to circulate from supply air rooms to rooms with extract via undercuts on all internal doors and / or by the use of transfer grilles.


What are the Benefits of a Heat Recovery Ventilation System?

  • Fresh air
  • Warm well ventilated home
  • Help save on your heating bills
  • Reduce the need for air conditioning
  • Eliminate excess moisture out of the building and furnishings
  • Improvement in health
  • Keeping interior 'climate' at a constant level.
  • Helps retain over 90% of heat


Choose Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) as your solution

With the increasing number of new builds and refurbishments to a high standard of insulation together with new legislation, there is an increase demand for the use of heat recovery products.

This demand is now greater than even before to provide improved indoor air quality and save energy.

If you are looking to retrofit a ventilation system that incorporates heat recovery, you can consider a single room heat recovery unit known as de-centralised mechanical extract ventilation (dMEV), or as alternative centralised ventilation with heat recovery. Mechanical heat recovery ventilation systems are also a popular choice for school ventilation.

As a Ventilation Solutionist, let us find the right product that is best suited for your needs.

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