New iCON Coloured Covers

By Sophie Neaves on Wed 23 March 2022

A whole new range of iCON-coloured covers are arriving at Airflow. Making any room sleek and stylish, we have introduced the new colours, Ultimate Grey, Turquoise, and Navy Blue, helping you stay in the modern era.  

Airflow offers flexibility to upgrade from the standard white iCON cover to a beautifully new coloured cover. The existing colours are not going anywhere. The new ones are an addition to the current collection. Get ready to start placing your orders.

Now with our new trend setting covers, your iCON will give any room great coordination whilst giving your décor a brilliant pop of colour.

The covers are easy to fit with a simple twist and click. Clean the cover by gently wiping over with a damp cloth.

These colours can have a soothing effect on our emotional wellbeing. The navy can stimulate clear thoughts, whilst lighter blues like the turquoise have a calming effect and aid concentration. We want to have peace of mind and what better way to do so than knowing your wet rooms (toilet, en-suite, bathroom, utility, and kitchen) is being properly ventilated. What a way to upgrade your iCON fan.

Grey on the other hand represents neutrality and balance. The iCON fan gives a balance to any room by extracting dirty air and letting new fresh air take its place. It’s hard to believe that such a high spec product can be so seamless and quiet in any room.

Turquoise and navy blue and ultimate grey are classic bathroom colours as they give an open and airy feel to even the smallest of utility rooms. With a matt finish the colours never overpower a room. These cooler tones make steamy wet rooms into a bright and clean feeling environment.

No matter what style your wet room is, these colours will look brilliant. Whether you have marble, porcelain or wooden flooring/surfaces these classic colours will be easy to fit in anywhere. An easy and quick fix to an already great fan.


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