World Ventilate Day

World Ventilate Day

By Kiran Sagoo on Thu 03 November 2022

World Ventil8 Day

The first ever World Ventil8 Day on Tuesday 8th November

The first World Ventil8 Day has been created by industry leading researchers and professionals who are passionate about the positive impacts that good air quality and ventilation brings. Across the industry, companies and individuals will be running campaigns to raise awareness of the importance that ventilation has on our lives. Good ventilation in places like homes, offices and schools is a crucial part of maintaining our health and well-being, not just for our generation but for future generations. At Airflow UK, ventilation is our passion and being experts in this field, we’re proud to be involved with this initiative to create better awareness of the health benefits.

On Tuesday 8th November, BESA will be joining us at our prestigious Air Academy in High Wycombe, for a day packed full of discussions, meetings and seminars about how we can work as an industry to improve awareness around ventilation.

After a full morning of meetings, BESA will be hosting a live webinar at the Airflow Air Academy starting at 12 noon.  Some points that will be covered during the webinar are: 

  • What is ventilation?
  • What is the right solution for my building?
  • How does it improve sleep/health/productivity?
  • How do I know if I have a ventilation problem?
  • Can ventilation really reduce the spread of flu, colds, and other diseases?
  • Energy costs mean I don’t want to open my windows in winter – what options do I have?

To register for the webinar, please visit: or to find out more about World Ventil8 Day, please visit:

Why is ventilation so important?

A healthy environment plays a key part in maintaining a healthy body and mind.  With greater awareness around the dangers of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and the effects that COVID-19 has had, more and more people are showing an interest in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and the implications poor air quality brings to our health.

Let’s take it back a notch and delve into what was being done before we had the option of mechanical ventilation, essentially, we’d open doors and windows. However, this is no longer sufficient due to new builds being more airtight and pollutants inside and outside affecting our health. Alongside this, opening windows in cold weather is also not ideal. In addition, the Government released new ventilation Building Regulations that push the boundaries of the UK’s Net Zero target.

Pollutants are everywhere, and of course, with air-born viruses in the mix, we need to do our upmost best to keep everyone’s health intact.

In the home, pollutants like carbon monoxide (from smoking and combustion appliances), volatile organic compounds – (aerosols, candles, air fresheners), allergens (from dust mites), odours and CO2 are present. All of which have a negative impact on air quality and your health, including affecting productivity and focus.

The same risks and health effects are present in commercial buildings like schools and workplaces, but from different sources.

Air pollution has proven to have many long-term and short-term health effects and it can harm every organ in the body and even shorten your life span.

Furthermore, the short-term effects of poor indoor air quality are often ignored by the occupant. For example, coughing, sneezing, headaches and dizziness, watery eyes, fatigue, and allergic reactions, are all signs of poor indoor air quality. And children are more prone to the risks of air pollution because their lungs and immune systems are still developing.

Additionally, long-term effects happen when poor IAQ is disregarded and no action is taken to improve it. This includes asthmatic symptoms, respiratory infections, cardiovascular disease, and lung cancer.

If you’re looking into different types of ventilation solutions, we have a large portfolio of products and accessories; from MEVd-MEV, and MVHR.