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'The inside story: Health effects of indoor air quality on children and young people' - Latest report from The Royal college of Peadiatrics and Child Health

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) and the Royal College of Physicians have released a new report highlighting the impact indoor air pollution has on childhood health.

The report highlights the detrimental affects indoor air polloutants like damp, smoke, dust, chemicals and aerosols are having on childrens health. “Children in the UK spend most of their time indoors, with just 68 minutes spent outside on an average day. Too many of our homes and schools are damp and poorly ventilated – this is adversely affecting the health of children.”

Professor Stephen Holgate said people living in poorer households often had fewer choices about where to live and where to go to school “More than 3 million families live in poor quality housing in the UK. Most will not have enough money to make improvements and have no option but to make do with damp, under-ventilated environments."

The report also found indoor air pollution links to the following:

The report also outlines recommendations for local authorities to have the power to require improvment in local authorty schools and houses where the air quality fails to meet standards. “We need to offer support at local authority level – likewise with schools. If we ask our children to spend their childhood days in unhealthy spaces, then we’re storing up problems for future health.”