Duplexvent Multi 'N' Shortlisted at H & V News Awards 2015
Airflow is pleased to be shortlisted at the 2015 H & V News Awards in the Air Movement Product of the Year category. Known as the H & V Industry "Oscars" the winners will be revealed at a glittering ceremony in April at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London.
Duplexvent Multi 'N' provides air handling with Heat Recovery up to 95% thermal efficiency for large commercial and civic buildings.

Commercial Fans

Unlimited Applications

AIRFLOW'S extensive range of extract fans are not just for domestic dwellings. Their outstanding performance, ease of installation and aesthetic appeal ensures that they can efficiently complement virtually any installation and help comply with the Building Regulations for non-domestic installations.
Refer to the CIBSE guidelines for recommended air changes per hour in non-domestic installations

To calculate the volume of air that the fan needs to extract to satisfy the air changes per hour criteria follow this simple procedure.

  1. Calculate volume of room in m3 (H x W x L) i.e. 3m x 2.5m x 2m = 15 m3
  2. Multiply by required air changes per hour i.e. Offices = 6
  3. Volume x Air Changes per hour = Fan performance (minimum) 15 m3 x 6 ach = 90m3/hr
  4. Select a fan of suitable performance bearing in mind any ductwork resistance

Commercial Fan Range