NICEIC Ventilation Installer Training Scheme

Airflow is proud to offer the NICEIC Ventilation Installer Training Scheme in our brand new, state-of-the-art Air Academy training facility.

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About the NICEIC Ventilation Installer Training Scheme

The NICEIC Ventilation Installer Training Scheme meets the requirements for installers and contractors looking to join a competent persons scheme in England and Wales (with relevancy for installers working in Scotland and Northern Ireland) for domestic ventilation systems.

Key Information for the Ventilation Installer Training Scheme

How long is it?
The course lasts for 2 days

What does the Ventilation Installer Training Scheme cover?
Attendees will learn the fundamental principles of ventilation systems, the minimum legal requirements of ventilation systems, the different types of ventilation systems, including:

  1. Intermittent extract fans
  2. Passive stack ventilation
  3. Continuous Mechanical Extract Ventilation systems (dMEV and MEV)
  4. Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR).
Installers will also learn why ventilation is important, the different methods used to install different ventilation systems, the pitfalls of poor installation and misuse of ventilation systems and basic system design and preparation needed prior to installation.

Once you have completed the course, you will be equipped to commission and understand the certification and documentation of an MVHR system as well as inspect and test all ventilation systems.

Finally, you will have the required qualification to register with the NICEIC competent persons scheme. You will have the scheme explained to you and your questions about the scheme answered during the course.

Learning outcomes of the NICEIC scheme
Upon completion of the NICEIC Ventilation Installer Training Scheme, you will have the necessary skills in design, installation, testing, commissioning, handover, servicing and fault-finding of ventilation systems in accordance with the latest National Occupational Standard (NOS) and Minimum Technical Competency documents (MTC).

Who should attend this course?
The Domestic Ventilation Scheme is ideal for experienced electricians, plumbers, ventilation installers and heating engineers looking to improving their knowledge and understanding of domestic ventilation systems.

Course Costs

The cost of the course is £340 plus VAT. Dates are as follows:

 New 2022 dates:

  • September 27th & 28th - Fully Booked 
  • November 1st & 2nd - Fully Booked 


For more information on this course and to book please email: or call 01494 525252

There is an additional fee to join the NICEIC Competent Persons Scheme. Information about this scheme can be found here.

A basic knowledge of domestic ventilation systems is a requirement.

Where is the NICEIC Ventilation Installer Training Scheme held?

Airflow will be hosting the NICEIC Ventilation Installer Training Scheme at our Air Academy facility in High Wycombe. You can find us below: