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The Problem

Homes are now increasingly well insulated which can result in a poor indoor climate leading to health problems for occupants and potentially long term damaging effects to the fabric of a building.

The lack of effective ventilation within a well-sealed environment increases the prevalence of airborne contaminants, odours and smells which together with high levels of humidity and condensation all add to an unhealthy environment.

If left unchecked the development of dampness leads to condensation, mould growth and the spread of mites, which can increase the likelihood of headaches, allergies and the development of asthma in children.

Fresh, filtered air is the answer

In a healthy home thousands of litres of fresh air is needed everyday to compensate for the moisture generated by each individual person, and also through cooking, washing and bathing.

Duplexvent MVHR systems provide continuous mechanical ventilation with heat recovery for the supply of controlled, fresh, filtered air while extracting potentially harmful, unwanted moisture and airborne pollutants.

It helps to save energy too by re-claiming waste heat from extracted air that would otherwise be lost and returning it via the incoming fresh filtered air into the dwelling. By adding back warmed, fresh air the thermostat can be turned down benefiting in reduced energy consumption over time.

Duplexvent Professional Range

The Duplexvent Professional series is a range of market leading MVHR units which represent the highest quality in ventilation with heat recovery. Packed with standard features and functions that other manufacturers do not have.

  • Triple filters as standard
  • Automatic control of the 100% summer bypass damper as standard
  • Full easy access to all the internals for cleaning and maintenance
  • Independently adjustable fans so as to truly balance the system as standard
  • Digital control with 8 speed settings as standard
  • Seven year warranty*
  • In built heaters to prevent frost and maintain heat levels when set on the digital control as standard
  • Access door that automatically switches of the unit for filter inspection
  • Insulated casing with no thermal bridging
  • Airflex Pro – A “Zero Leakage” ducting system with a hygienic and anti-static lining that has no joints, so no leakage.
*SEVEN YEARS warranty, as long as you maintain your unit