Airflow Developments WEEE Policy

WEEE Directive – 2012/19/EU

Airflow is fully committed to complying with the WEEE Directive 2012/19/EU Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE), and as a producer of electrical and electronic equipment, we take our environmental responsibilities seriously and strive to minimise the impact of our products on the environment. We also believe that responsible WEEE management benefits us all by conserving resources and protecting the environment. 

Our Obligations

  1. Registration:
    • We are registered as a producer under the WEEE regulations
    • Our Environment Agency Producer Registration Number is WEEE/CA4506UV
  2. Collection and Recycling:
    • We ensure that our EEE products are properly collected, treated, and recycled at the end of their life cycle
    • We collaborate with authorised recycling facilities to manage WEEE in an environmentally responsible manner
  3. Consumer Information:
    • Our products and packaging are labelled with the WEEE wheelie bin logo, and installation instructions advise of proper recycling and disposal of our products

Compliance Measures

  1. Product Design:
    • We design our products with environmental considerations in mind
    • We aim to minimise hazardous substances and facilitate disassembly for recycling
  2. Supply Chain Management:
    • We work closely with our suppliers to ensure compliance with WEEE regulations
    • Our supply chain partners adhere to responsible practices for handling EEE waste
  3. Reporting and Auditing:
    • We maintain records of our EEE placed on the market
    • Regular internal audits verify our compliance with WEEE requirements

Airflow offers a ‘takeback service’ of like for like waste electrical and electronic equipment under the WEEE Directive. Customers wishing to return Airflow EEE products should contact Airflow’s Customer Services Team in the first instance by emailing: customer_services@airflow.com. 

Download our WEEE Policy