Knowledge Base (FAQs)

Knowledge Base (FAQs)

General - iCON 230V Module Wiring
General - QuietAir Dip Switch Settings
General - iCON cover iris not opening or closing fully
General - QuietAir High speed by the jumpers
General - iCON modules Pull Cord Function
General - iCON fan differences
General - iCON fan cleaning
General - iCON module PIR details
General - QuietAir IPX rating
General - iCON SELV module wiring
General - iCON fan fuse rating
General - iCON cover iris shutters - I would like them to remain open
General - iCON cover iris opening / closing time period
General - iCON fan thermal protection
General - DUPLEXbase PS - Frost Protection Alarm 2
52364801 - 150mm Condensation Trap
71616301 - Where can I find the BDC on a Roomvent T 07 fan?

Knowledge Base (FAQs)

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