Airflow Announces Second iPad Air Winner

We would like to congratulate Mr.P.Lage our Second iPad Air winner from Grand Designs Live in May.

Why Choose Commercial Heat Recovery?

Airflow offers a simple range of high quality Commercial Heat Recovery units. Airflows’ Duplexvent Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery unit (MVHR) is ideal for light commercial and industrial applications.

Our Duplexvent Heat Recovery range provides the highest thermal efficiency (of up to 95% efficiency) and the first PassivHaus Institute certified Commercial MVHR units in the UK.

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Avoid Toxic Home Syndrome

We spend more than 90% of our time indoors but the air inside can be up to 50 times more polluted than outdoor air. Better construction methods and tighter insulation is all well and good but it can lead to a cocktail of airborne pollutants.

My health my home is a campaign to increase awareness of the importance that a quality ventilation strategy plays in keeping us more healthy and protecting our well-sealed homes from the ranges of dampness and mould.

What you can consider

To help improve indoor air quality, you can look into either intermittent or continuous ventilation systems as it can be set up to respond to varying levels of humidity. You should be given an optional feature like the humidity sensors as it has an adjustable set point, which is typically between 40% and 90% RH.

Improve our Health and Home

As we speak, there are plans in place to reduce 80% of carbon emissions by 2050. In the UK, buildings have become increasingly more airtight than ever before. The government has recognised this need and had taken a step further to encourage the way we build and refurbish properties. This will be supported by minimising the use of energy consumptions, although it does not improve indoor air quality.