iPad Air Competition Winner – Grand Designs Live, Excel in May 2015.
Airflow ran a competition at Grand Designs Live back in May this year; we have had more than a handful of competition entries with the correct answers. We have drawn our competition winners and will be receiving their hand delivered iPad Air by our Airflow Representatives:
Duplexvent Multi-N Line Heat Recovery Unit
The Duplexvent Multi-N Line unit provides a highly energy-efficient ventilation solution for commercial and industrial premises. Using mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR), the system recovers valuable heat that would normally be lost as part of the ventilation process and uses this energy to pre-warm clean, fresh air that is continuously brought in from outside and circulated around the building.

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Avoid Toxic Home Syndrome

We spend more than 90% of our time indoors but the air inside can be up to 50 times more polluted than outdoor air. Better construction methods and tighter insulation is all well and good but it can lead to a cocktail of airborne pollutants.

My health my home is a campaign to increase awareness of the importance that a quality ventilation strategy plays in keeping us more healthy and protecting our well-sealed homes from the ranges of dampness and mould.

has never been so apparent

As new built homes and existing dwellings are insulated to an ever higher standard, they are becoming unhealthier to live in without the provision of effective, energy efficient ventilation.

The term ‘Toxic home Syndrome’ has been coined to describe the cocktail of air borne pollutants, chemicals and moisture which we are now subject to on a daily basis.

Airflow Announcement 2nd NEW CPD

Bringing you clarity to ventilation legislation.

Since the last announcement of our first new CPD, we have continued to compile together the relevant ventilation legislation together to form the second new CPD. If you are designing and specifying in compliant ventilation within residential and non-residential buildings, this is the CPD you would want to register.