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Improve Your Quality of Life with Effective Ventilation

Take care of you, your family and friends in your home with better ventilation. Improve your indoor air quality so that everyone can breathe easier.

The Duplexvent Multi eco is a finalist for Air Movement Product of the Year and Commercial HVAC Product of the Year - Cooling & Vent Units categories

Airflow is proud to announce that our Duplexvent Multi eco range of commercial MVHR units is a finalist in two categories in the prestigious H&V News Awards. Shortlisted in the Air Movement Product of the Year and Commercial HVAC Product of the Year - Cooling and Vent Units categories, the Duplexvent Multi eco range is an example outstanding engineering that improves quality of life and well-being.

The Duplexvent Multi eco range improves the indoor air quality of commercial premises whilst reducing the energy consumption of the property by recovering the heat that is otherwise lost through the traditional ventilation process.

Click here to learn more about the Duplexvent Multi eco range.

These decentralised heat recovery units offer discrete ventilation for commercial applications

All Susurro units are highly efficient and recover up to 90% of the otherwise wasted heat to return it to the occupied space. Susurro improves the indoor air quality that in turns enhances the learning environment and boosts employee well-being. Susurro is ideal for both offices and educational facilities and adhere to criteria outlined in BB93 and BB101. Click here to learn more about Susurro.

The promotion has now ended - we're tallying up the results and will announce the winner in due course

Thank you to everyone that participated in the QuietAir Rewards scheme throughout 2017. The Rewards programme has now ended. We will be counting the successfully added points and shortly announcing a winner.

This two day course takes place twice a month at the Airflow Air Academy

Airflow is proud to announce that you can now sign-up to undertake the NICEIC Ventilation Installer Scheme at our Air Academy training facility.

You can add prestige to your credentials by undertaking the NICEIC Ventilation Installer Training Scheme, where you'll learn how to correctly install and commission the four ventilation systems outlined in Approved Document F in the Building Regulations (England & Wales). By successfully completing the course, you'll be eligible to register on the NICEIC Competent Persons' Scheme. Click here to learn more.

Airflow is hosting free CPD sessions at the Air Academy

You can gain valuable RIBA and CIBSE approved CPD hours with Airflow for free. Click here to learn about the CPD content and to book your place on a session of your choice.