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Understand the different types of bypass facilities that are available with Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) units as well as their pros and cons.

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Keep your eyes peeled for our nationwide Airflow iCON motorway banners

Airflow are proud to announce that our stylish and trending motorway banners are now up nationwide. Showcasing our Airflow iCON home extraction fans, we believe that they represent the modern and eye catching features of our award winning fans.

We're also giving you the opportunity to win an iCON AND be a part of our next national motorway banner campaign.

Get complete control of your home ventilation

Adroit, the future of home ventilation with heat recovery, has launched. The Adroit's smart technology empowers you to have total control of your home ventilation. Adjust your ventilation on the go, wherever you be with your smartphone, tablet or PC.

With a standard of air filtration and heat recovery not found in competitor products, the Adroit provides you with the air quality you and your family deserve.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Competition

Thank you for everyone that entered at Grand Designs Live 2016

Thank you to everyone that submitted their entries to win a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge during Grand Designs Live 2016. The winners have been chosen and are currently being contacted by Airflow.

January 2016 saw the introduction of the latest tranche of the Energy Related Products Directive.

Residential ventilation products (over 30 watts) will have their technical/test information listed in the new universal datasheet format known as a (FICHE) which is being progressively uploaded in each product section. An energy label will also be provided with each residential product. Airflow residential products comply with the latest Eco Directive regulations.

Products below 30 watts remain out of scope of the new directive regarding energy labeling but will be provided with a Fiche

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BIM Level 2

From 4th April 2016 all Government departments have to issue and work to BIM level 2 when specifying their new building and construction projects.

Building information modelling (BIM) is the process of creating and managing objects and data in a physical digital format that can be manipulated for 3D viewing and secure file sharing.

Many of Airflow's range of Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) products are available in a BIM download file. Visit our BIM library for further information.