Have you experienced mould growth in your home or at the place you work?
According to a report by YouGOV / BEAMA, it is evident that 58% respondents have experienced mould or condensation in their home, which 19% of those have already suffered from a respiratory or dermatological condition.
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Consider the Importance of Ventilation
For the last 60 years Airflow has championed the need for effective ventilation. Today, this message is just as important – if not more so. With properties being built to increase air tightness – our buildings are becoming almost fully sealed.

Without a ventilation system a sealed building will suffer from damp, mould, condensation and the associated effects. Anyone building their dream property – doesn’t want the fabric of the property to then deteriorate due to lack of ventilation.

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Kevin McCloud and Charlie Luxton

It was great to welcome two well known TV personalities to the Airflow stand at Grand Designs Live during May.

Architectural designers Kevin McCloud and Charlie Luxton both stopped by to review the Duplexvent MVHR and Airflex Pro 'zero leakage' air ducting systems.

Both men are highly committted to designing sustainable buildings and enthralled thousands at the show with their passionate seminars.

ErP 2013/2015 Compliant Fans

Compact high efficiency, centrifugal EC fans delivering from 80 l/sec to 115 l/sec in space critical OEM applications

Higher volumes with excellent pressure capacity providing quiet, powerful, speed controllable air delivery up to 1200 l/sec

An increase demand for Heat Recovery

Why there is an increasing demand for the use of heat recovery products

With the increasing number of new builds and refurbishments together with new legislation, the demand is now greater than even before

Not only that, what we know as Toxic Home Syndrome is affecting us on a daily basis, this is when a person's health deteriorates because of the lack of air quality in their home with the possibility of increasing the risks of cancer and heart disease.