LOG32 Data Logger
LOG32 Data Logger
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LOG32 Temperature Humidity data logger

The Airflow LOG32 TH is a portable, battery operated, Temperature, Humidity and Dew Point Data Logger suitable for indoor temperature, humidity and dew point monitoring and recording.

Ideal Applications

It is designed for diagnostic analysis of environmental conditions in commercial, production, laboratories, agriculture or any temperature and humidity critical application.

What Does The LOG32TH Do?

To measure temperature and humidity, the LOG32 Temperature Humidity data logger is capable of measuring temperature, recording temperature, as well as measuring and recording the relative humidity (rh) and dew point. The amount of times the air is samples can be adjusted from 50 to 16000, it can be adjusted from every 2 seconds to every 24 hours in pre-set steps.

The LOG32 Temperature and Humidity Data Logger can be set on humidity and temperature. In the event the room humidity or temperature exceeds the customer selected values, the red LED light on the data logger will flash.

The temperature and humidity data logger is also suitable for recording and display of air temperature, humidity and dew point.

Information can be easily seen in graph format in the image example below.

Airflow LOG32TH a temperature and humidity data logger

The LOG32TH Data Logger alarm settings on the above graph demonstrates the followings:

  • Temperature: Low 10 degree celcius / High 30 degree celcius.
  • Humidity: Low 35% / High 75%

Record, Save and Display

The data information that are logged can be saved as Text - Excel and bitmap files.

The LOG32TH data logger encompass an integral USB port which enables direct connection to any compatible device where the Windows temperature and humidity data logger software that is supplied, can be uploaded.

A flashing green LED indicated data recording, while a red LED indicates an adjustable user set point has been exceeded. The logger also has an internal buzzer to support user set alarm conditions.

Main Features

  • Temperature and Humidity Logger
  • Up to 32,000 value storage
  • Analytical software supplied (Windows)
  • Variable time sampling - 2 seconds to 24 hours
  • Wall mounting bracket supplied
  • LED mode indicators / buzzer alarm
  • 1 year warranty
  • Powered by a long life Lithium battery

View detailed LOG32 TH data logger (PDF)