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Adroit MVHR

The first to market internet controlled domestic MVHR system

By purchasing the Adroit, you'll receive a leading ventilation system with the following features:

  • Internet-enabled ventilation system
  • Control your Adroit on-the-go with your smartphone, tablet or PC via the Adroit Cloud
  • Up to 90% energy recovery
  • Passive House Approval
  • 4 customisable profiles
  • Additional sensors for your wet rooms

With an Adroit MVHR system, you'll get a system that is:

You can view a short video that showcases the Adroit below or you can scroll down and click on the model below to learn more about how Adroit can improve your indoor air quality

DV96 Adroit DV110 Adroit DV145 Adroit
DV245 Adroit DV50 Adroit DV80 Adroit
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Adroit: Smart Ventilation

Control Your Ventilation On the Go With The Adroit

The Adroit was designed and made with modern life in mind. Complete with a user-friendly interface, you can control your Adroit ventilation and heat recovery system on the go with your smartphone, tablet or PC via the Adroit Cloud. Furthermore, the Adroit MVHR system can be simply integrated with existing home automation systems, like Modbus.

The Adroit's smart ventilation means that you can make adjustments to your home's ventilation on the go. This allows you to run your ventilation as efficiently as possible around your everyday life:

Going on holiday or late home from work? Have the Adroit run at a lower rate and save energy.
Hosting a party or have the family over? Turn it up to ensure it doesn't get stuffy and only clean, fresh air is circulating around your home.

One of the most convenient features of the Adroit is automatic humidity measurement. By using sensors around your home, the Adroit is able to adjust its ventilation based around local humidity levels. For example, you can have additional sensors in rooms that experience large humidity fluctuations such as:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Laundry rooms

Having sensors within these wet rooms, means that the Adroit will be able adjust its ventilation when these rooms are in use and ensure that the air quality remains high throughout their use.

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Adroit: Green, Clean Energy

Adjust Your Ventilation With The Adroit

Airflow understand that money is tight, so we've made the Adroit one of the most energy efficient MVHR systems on the market. Airflow have developed the Adroit MVHR system with the ability to recover up to 90% of the energy that would otherwise have been lost from your home.

The Adroit is able to extract the heat from the air being removed from your home and use it to warm the incoming air. The incoming air is then is twice filtered to remove pollutants and toxins from the air before being circulated around your home. This means you should be able to reduce your heating bills as your heating won't have to be on as long to maintain your home's temperature. A third filter cleans the exchange-air from the rooms before entering the heat exchanger.

The Adroit is able to switch its heat recovery off during the hot summer months, to ensure only cool air is being circulated around your home.

Airflow's Adroit is one of a select group of ventilation systems that possess Passive House Accreditation. Passive House Accreditation is one of the most difficult accreditations to receive and means that you'll receive not only one of the most energy efficient products for your home but also one of the most environmentally friendly ventilation and heat recovery systems on the market.

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