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DV130 Entro-V F7 filter (ePM1 55%)
Product Ref: 90001328
Price: £120.91 each

Replacement F7 filter (ePM1 55%) for DV130 Entro-V

ecoDRY 1100 White
Product Ref: 90000518
Price: £440.90 each

Automatic Hand Dryer - White ABS Cover

Aventa Turbo 100 B
Product Ref: 9041360
Price: £194.27 each

100mm in-line fan - single speed up to 250m3/h

Adroit Digital Controller
Product Ref: 90000610
Price: £252.95 Each

Intelligent Profile Control

Vibration Dampers
Product Ref: 90001363
Price: £88.70 each

Vibration Dampers - Tension M6 (Set of 4)

Aventa AV150
Product Ref: 9041089
Price: £215.87 Each

150mm In-Line fan with choice of two speeds

Multi Eco-V DV1500
Product Ref: 90000801

Duplexvent Multi Eco-V DV1500 Heat Recovery
(Price on application)

Multi Roof DV1500
Product Ref: 9041533

Duplexvent DV1500 Heat Recovery
(Price on application)

High temperature fans
Product Ref: 72511801F

Fans suitable for airflow temperatures up to 250deg C.

Aventa AV100B
Product Ref: 9041085
Price: £117.94 Each

Basic switching 100mm fan

Roomvent T (O7)
Product Ref: 71616301
Price: £299.24 Each

A powerful centrifugal fan

200mm ISO connector
Product Ref: 90001362
Price: £30.00 Each

200mm dia male/male plastic connector

125mm Supply Air Valve
Product Ref: 9041169
Price: £143.72 Each

Metal supply air valve with flow restriction inserts

Maxivent eco (P)
Product Ref: 72678201
Price: £149.11 each

Pull cord Boost

DV170 Adroit Pro
Product Ref: 90000638
Price: £4,392.20 each

49 l/sec at 100 Pa Side entry unit

Product Ref: 90001107
Price: £1,851.43 Each


iCONstant T
Product Ref: 72687117
Price: £215.98 each

dMEV Timer Fan - Continuous Ventilation

Duplexvent Multi DV500
Product Ref: 9041571

DV500 Heat Recovery

(Price on application)

Multi Eco Roof DV1500
Product Ref: 90000807

Duplexvent DV1500 Heat Recovery
(Price on application)

Condensation Trap
Product Ref: 51978301
Price: £28.38 Each

100mm Condensation Trap

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