DIEC 215/2 Double Inlet EC Fan
DIEC 215/2 Double Inlet EC Fan
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DIEC 215/2 Double Inlet EC Fan

Designed for low noise and high efficiency applications. Exceeding the requirements of EU 327/2011 - 2015 efficiency regulations, this fan is supplied with an EC motor for connection to 230V supply with a range of volume control via 0-10V input.Tachometer signal available via 0-10V output. Over / Under voltage , overcurrent , overload auto shutdown and re-start with visual LED indications features. Versatile mounting vertically or horizontally from the pre-drilled outlet flange, with fabricated steel casing in mild steel finished with a durable tough paint. For use in temperatures up to 50 Deg C.Forward CurvediImpeller dynamically balanced to G2.5 ( ISO DIN 1940) with sealed for life bearings offering an L10 life 25000hrs in ideal conditions. DIEC 215/2 airflow to 675 L/sec and pressure development to 420 Pascals.

Typical Applications: VAV Boxes, AHUs, General Ventilation, Industrial Warm Air Movement, Environmental chambers, Telecommunications / transmitter cabins etc.

Detailed product specification (PDF)