Susurro 400 Standard
Product Ref: 90000915
Low Stock

Flow rate up to 626 m3/hr

(Price on application)

Fire sleeve 75mm double ended
Product Ref: 90001022
Price: 63.88 each
In Stock

Fire sleeve 75mm diameter double ended.

Anthracite Cover - iC15
Product Ref: 52634503B
Price: 33.62 Each
In Stock

iCON 15 Anthracite cover

Anthracite Cover - iC30
Product Ref: 52634506B
Price: 36.55 Each
In Stock

iCON 30 Anthracite cover

Anthracite Cover - iC60
Product Ref: 52634509B
Price: 39.13 Each
In Stock

iCON 60 Anthracite cover

21ATX Fan
Product Ref: 71144606
Price: 95.96 Each
In Stock

Single inlet Fan - Airflow up to 18.36m3/h

40B2TX Duplex Fan
Product Ref: 71988801F
Price: 372.50 Each
In Stock

Twin centrifugal fan

ACF 120 x 62 Fan
Product Ref: 72371701F
Price: 182.12 Each
In Stock

Compact Axial fan - Airflow up to 298.8m3/h

Vane Switch & Guard
Product Ref: 72482701F
Price: 268.61 Each
In Stock

Vane switch and guard pack for GBDF/SSDF2

Product Ref: 72518201F
Price: 293.51 Each
In Stock

Double inlet fan - Airflow up to 450m3/h

GBDF/SSDF2 Motor Pk.
Product Ref: 72645101F
Price: 453.47 Each
In Stock

GBDF/SSDF2 Mk5 motor pack

GBDF/SSDF2 Impeller
Product Ref: 72645601F
Price: 90.40 Each
In Stock

Aluminium impeller for GBDF/SSDF2 Mk5

GBDF5 Impeller
Product Ref: 72646001F
Price: 485.35 Each
In Stock

Aluzinc impeller for GBDF4 Mk5 - Black

3 AMP Speed Controller
Product Ref: 9021056
Price: 176.16 Each
Low Stock

100% speed controller for linear control of fans

Aventa AV100T
Product Ref: 9041086
Price: 155.18 Each
In Stock

Adjustable timer 100mm fan

QuietAir QT100T
Product Ref: 9041260
Price: 153.36 each
In Stock

QuietAir Fan With Adjustable Timer

Aura Toilet 100 T
Product Ref: 9041348
Price: 32.04 each
In Stock

Adjustable timer overrun

Aura Kitchen 150 T
Product Ref: 9041352
Price: 55.02 each
In Stock

Adjustable timer overrun

AV125T Shower Kit
Product Ref: 9041406
Price: 194.20 each
In Stock

125mm Fan kit/Adjustable timer

AV100T Shower Kit + L
Product Ref: 9041408
Price: 253.06 each
In Stock

100mm Fan/Timer/LED Lamp

QuietAir QT120T
Product Ref: 9041498
Price: 160.58 each
In Stock

QuietAir Fan With Adjustable Timer

Duplexvent Multi Roof DV2500
Product Ref: 9041534
Low Stock

DV2500 Heat Recovery

(Price on application)

GBDF3 Flue Dilution Fan
Product Ref: 72546301
Price: 1,018.92 Each
In Stock

Steel fan case and aluzinc impeller

SSDF3 Flue Dilution Fan
Product Ref: 72553301
Price: 1,234.31 Each
In Stock

Stainless steel fan case - Aluminium impeller

Product Ref: 72574201
Price: 115.03 Each
In Stock

PIR/humidity/timer Module for iCON SELV Fans

Product Ref: 72574204
Price: 39.02 Each
In Stock

Pull Cord/adjustable Timer Module for iCON SELV Fans

TM Module
Product Ref: 72612601
Price: 24.90 Each
In Stock

Adjustable timer

Airovent HVS-10
Product Ref: 72649601
Price: 593.39 Each
In Stock

Central Extract Ventilation

Maxivent eco (H)
Product Ref: 72678401
Price: 235.07 each
In Stock

Humidity Sensor/Pull cord

iCON 30S
Product Ref: 72683801
Price: 218.81 each
In Stock

12V DC - Low energy mixed flow fan

Product Ref: 72684306
Price: 295.18 each
In Stock

2 Speed Humidity Timer

Product Ref: 72684310
Price: 298.27 each
In Stock

SELV 2 Speed - Humidity Timer

Product Ref: 72684311
Price: 322.13 each
In Stock

dMEV Humidity Timer - Continuous Ventilation

iCONstant HT
Product Ref: 72687118
Price: 257.22 each
In Stock

dMEV Humidity Timer Fan - Continuous Ventilation

iCONsmart 30
Product Ref: 72687222
Low Stock

240V low energy axial fan compatible with smart modules.

Humidity Timer Module
Product Ref: 72687225
In Stock

Humidity timer module for the iCONsmart.

QT120 Cover
Product Ref: 90000087
Price: 7.66 each
In Stock

Cover for QT 120 range

Roof Terminal & Adaptor
Product Ref: 90000349
Price: 171.98 Each
In Stock

Universal Roof Terminal & Adaptor - Anthracite

Aventa Silent AVS125
Product Ref: 90000359
Price: 265.32 each
In Stock

125mm in-line fan - single speed up to 230m3/h

DIEC 215 Double Inlet EC Fan
Product Ref: 90000369
Price: 869.95 each
In Stock

Double Inlet EC Fan

Aura Smart MSHT
Product Ref: 90000385
Price: 298.69 each
In Stock

Innovative Low Energy Axial Fan - interchangeable 100/ 125mm spigots

HT Cover - Sliver
Product Ref: 90000387
Price: 21.31 each
Low Stock

Aura Smart HT Silver Cover

DV300 Entro
Product Ref: 90000398
Price: 1,997.78 each
In Stock

300m3/hr at 100Pa
Side entry connections

iCON 15 Fan With Kit (HT)
Product Ref: 90000433
Price: 140.76 each
In Stock

iCON 15 Fan With Kit - Humidity & Timer Module

QuietAir QT150T
Product Ref: 90000455
Price: 251.35 each
In Stock

QuietAir Fan With Adjustable Timer

ecoDRY 1100 Satin
Product Ref: 90000519
Price: 562.36 each
In Stock

Automatic Hand Dryer - Satin Metal Die Cast Aluminium Cover

ecoDRY mini Satin
Product Ref: 90000521
Price: 359.98 each
In Stock

Automatic Hand Dryer - Satin Chrome ABS Cover

Aura Bathroom 125 T
Product Ref: 90000533
Price: 42.12 each
In Stock

Adjustable timer overrun

White Louver - with Integrated Fly Screen
Product Ref: 90000591
Price: 3.67 each
In Stock

Dimensions: 250 x 99 x 13mm

DV80 Adroit Filter Pack
Product Ref: 90000621
Price: 39.08 Each
Low Stock

Replacement Filter Pack for DV80 Adroit

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