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Houses are now becoming significantly more air-tight than ever before due to the need to increase energy efficiency of homes.

We are all exposed to elements of the 'Toxic Home Syndrome'with potent mix of airborne pollutants arising from poor home ventilation, causing respiratory and skins diseases. Research has proven that people living in homes without adequate ventilation are more likely to suffer.

Ventilation is the most common solution to help improve our lives on a daily basis. It is imperative to consider installing the correct ventilation system such as extractor fans for wet-room, bathroom, en-suite, utility and kitchen. This will help to eliminate and avoid the build-up of damp, mould and condensation, also extracting airborne pollutants such as odours, humid and stale air. It will further increase the durability of fabric of the building, minimising health concerns and reducing the cost of repair and maintenance.

As a Market Leader for innovative ventilation solutions, we continue to strive to develop a range of extractor fans whilst benefiting from being quiet, low energy and stylish that meets the needs of today's Building Regulations.

You can be rest assured that we will help you find the correct residential extractor fans from a selection of quality product ranges and offer truthful and useful advice on choosing the right product solution for you and your customers.

Quality accessories ensures a quality installation.


Central extract ventilation, SAP Appendix Q eligible.


The million selling Loovent, Maxivent, Roomvent and Supervent range.


Loovent Eco
Portfolio of ultra quiet, energy efficient ventilation solutions for intermittent, continuous, central and ventilation with heat recovery.


Stylish and subtle with a silent shutter.


iCON Abstract
An aesthetically pleasing choice of colours to match existing décor.


Ultra low noise, ultra low watts and so discreet. The only fan meeting installed performance requirements on both speeds.