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Decentralised ventilation with Heat Recovery unit

A new generation of efficient, energy- saving and ultra quiet units that ensure a high quality of indoor air, ceiling mounted units ideal for retro fitting.

Clean air thinking, lifestyle

The benefits of ventilation are already well documented not just for reducing the impact of Covid but also for studying, as detailed in BB101 (Guidelines on ventilation, thermal comfort, and indoor air quality in schools).

The Susurro range feature a new generation of efficient, energy-saving, and ultra-quiet units that ensures the highest quality of indoor environments and are ideal for classrooms and offices.

The integral C02 sensors actively monitors the indoor air quality inside a room or office enabling Susurro to automatically adjust its ventilation based on occupant demand; maintaining a healthy, fresh indoor air environment without having to open a window.


Touchscreen Control Panel
Building Automation
Carbon Dioxide Sensor
Additional Sensors
Additional Switches

Susurro has Near-Field Communication (NFC) feature that allows the user to hold a compatible smartphone near the unit, download the product datasheet, directly contact Airflow when undertaking maintenance of the unit and control the system setting.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations to analyse the optimal ventilation solution using Susurro

A standard classroom was used in a CFD simulation to analyse the air velocity and temperature distribution. The classroom L10m x W7.5m x H3. 3m, 75 m2 area and 247.5 m3 volume. 30 students and 1 teacher were taken into account for calculating the simulation parameters.

A library shared space has been used to simulate the Coanda effect.

• 10x Susurro 1000- each unit Susurro 1000@airflow 936 m3/h@20°C - 551 ft3/min – total airflow 9360 m3/h - 5510 ft3/min

An atypical classroom shape can also be used in CFD simulations to ensure we find the best location for the Susurro unit to provide the most efficient classrom ventilation solution.

• 1x Susurro 400 @airflow 415 m3/h@20°C - 244 ft3/min