February 2016

Don't Let Your Sales Go Stale

The average UK homeowner spends around £13,000 on any one home renovation project and kitchens and bathrooms are often a key area for improvement. However, they are also the rooms most at risk from damp and mould. Bearing this in mind, reputable kitchen and bathroom retailers should be informing their customers on how the correct ventilation could protect their investment and home. Installing ventilation systems not only has major benefits for your end customer, but can also provide an added sale for the retailer.

Poor ventilation can lead to serious problems for both the building and the health of its occupants. Excessive moisture and condensation can lead to the build-up of stale air, bringing with it issues such as unpleasant odours, harmful pollutants, damp and mould - something that no one wants to be worrying about after spending time and money on a refurbishment.

Ventilation is an effective and efficient step - whether it's as simple as installing an extractor fan or a whole house air quality solution, such as an MVHR (mechanical ventilation with heat recovery) unit. By extracting the stale, indoor air from the room, along with the accompanying problems such as smells and condensation, ventilation fights against Toxic Home Syndrome and helps to create a much healthier and enjoyable indoor environment.

Reducing the likelihood of damp and mould protects the property from unattractive and unsightly staining, negating the need for maintenance work. More importantly, removing moisture and excessive heat reduces the risk of airborne allergens and spores, which have been proven to worsen and even cause respiratory illnesses such as hay fever and asthma.

There are also benefits for the retailer by advising the customer on a proper ventilation solution. After the initial sale of bathroom or kitchen components, the addition of ventilation into the transaction is a simple step that safeguards the customers' investment. Ventilation has come a long way in recent years and can now even be sold in as part of the wider design - with a wide range of options to suit almost any interior.

Ventilation is an important aspect in any property and it is crucial it is not overlooked. Correct ventilation creates peace of mind for the customer by reassuring them that their investment will be protected as well as improving the quality of the indoor environment. By incorporating ventilation into the sale, not only will retailers benefit from the additional monetary value, but also ensure the longevity of their products.