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About Airflow Developments

Airflow Developments was founded in 1965 by Alexander Conner Wilson with his expertise in fan design and air. Since then, Airflow has earned its reputation as a world leader in ventilation by continually providing innovative, quality products backed by in-built reliability and developed by experts in air movement who manufacture to the stringent requirements of ISO9001 and ISO14001.

Ventilation is crucial in any building to ensure the air is kept healthy for the occupants, this is done by extracting stale air and replacing it with fresh air from outside. Good ventilation links to many health benefits such as better sleep, fewer headaches, and improved concentration.

Our reputable products are highly efficient and extremely reliable. Product ranges include residential extractor fans, residential and commercial mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, ducting systems, air purifiers, industrial fans and many accessories.

We offer an unparalleled choice of Passive House MVHR units, with a total of 14 across the ranges, for both residential and commercial buildings.

Our team of ventilation experts will help you take your plans and guide you through specifications to installation to ensure you create healthy indoor air quality in your home or building.

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