VAV Damper 315mm
VAV Damper 315mm
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The VAV System grants building managers a ventilation system that can responsively adapt to changes in ventilation demand in each section of large rooms or the building without the need for a BMS System.

The Airflow VAV system can be integrated with any commercial Duplexvent MVHR unit via an Ethernet cable and, due to the improved efficiency it provides, keeps the ongoing operating costs of the ventilation system down.

When integrated, the entire system is permanently and immediately controlled so that the central unit gives exactly the required air without unnecessarily wasting energy.

Various designs of the dampers enable them to be installed in various locations of the ventilation system and thanks to a comprehensive range of sizes, give this VAV system a wide range of applications.


  • Variable air volume (VAV) ventilation system with compatible controller and VAV dampers
  • Independent monitoring and air flow regulation for individual area requirements
  • Intelligent, internet controlled dampers for fine adjustment of air flow
  • Real time data transfer and regulation of VAV damper from a central monitoring station
  • Allows users to control the system through smartphone and PC
  • Optimises the performance of an MVHR unit and reduces the ongoing operating costs of your ventilation system
  • Helps analyse ventilation and heating (optional) energy costs by zone
  • Doesn't require a BMS system
  • Up to 63 dampers can be connected to a central unit
  • Suitable for all commercial Duplexvent MVHR units

Detailed Product Specification (PDF)
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