VAV Systems and Control Units

Duplexvent VAV systems enable demand based zonal ventilation without the need of a BMS.


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MVHR Duplexvent Software

VAV Damper 125mm
Product Ref: 90000736
VAV Damper 160mm
Product Ref: 90000737
VAV Damper 200mm
Product Ref: 90000738
VAV Damper 250mm
Product Ref: 90000739
VAV Damper 315mm
Product Ref: 90000740
VAV Damper 125 Metal Cover
Product Ref: 90000741
VAV Damper 160 Metal Cover
Product Ref: 90000742
VAV Damper 200 Metal Cover
Product Ref: 90000743
VAV Damper 250 Metal Cover
Product Ref: 90000744
VAV Damper 315 Metal Cover
Product Ref: 90000745
VAV Control Box
Product Ref: 90000746
CP Touch Controller
Product Ref: 90000710
Rotary Controller
Product Ref: 90000785
BC2 Rotary Controller
Product Ref: 90000408
Router for VAV System
Product Ref: 90000733
8 Port Switch for VAV System
Product Ref: 90000734
24 Port Switch for VAV System
Product Ref: 90000735