Unohab Commissioning Software

Unohab Commissioning Software

For easy and convenient access for commissioning, the controller can be connected to a PC laptop via the USB port, as an alternative to configuring the unit using the two buttons on the controller.

Commissioning and the entry of necessary values (e.g. filter change intervals or ventilation speed levels) can be completed in a short space of time. All possible setting options can be changed quickly using the user interface and user-friendly support is provided with the corresponding help texts.

The set configuration can be saved directly on the PC or laptop and re-programmed into the control unit if required. The installation cost in a larger property is thereby reduced to a minimum. If lots of the same ventilation systems are used, the configuration is just set once for a residential unit and can then be transferred to several controllers or apartments as required.

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Version 1.12 released on 21.12.2020