Entro MVHR Range

Entro range consists of vertical and horizontal entry heat recovery units designed for private and social family houses; Passive House certified models.


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MVHR Duplexvent Software

DV250 Entro-H
Product Ref: 90000397
Price: £2,039.03 each
DV300 Entro-H
Product Ref: 90000398
Price: £2,274.49 each
DV400 Entro-H
Product Ref: 90000399
Price: £2,509.93 each
DV65 Entro-V
Product Ref: 90001243
Price: £1,904.69 each
DV82 Entro-V
Product Ref: 90001244
Price: £2,119.98 each
DV130 Entro-V
Product Ref: 90001245
Price: £2,393.22 each
Entro-V Basic Controller
Product Ref: 90001308
Price: £49.19 each
Entro-V Digital Controller
Product Ref: 90001299
Price: £216.31 Each