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Ventilation solutions for social housing

In recent years, social housing tenants have made thousands of complaints about mould in their own homes. If mould, damp or similar issues take hold in a property, it can take a toll on both tenants’ health and your finances.

Yet, with buildings becoming ever more airtight to reduce energy waste, achieving sufficient ventilation isn’t always a straightforward task.

Find out how we can help you protect tenants’ health and the fabric of your buildings. And how, our expertly designed ventilation systems will give your buildings greater energy efficiency.

Importance of ventilation in social housing

Ventilation in social housing improves air quality and lowers levels of pollutants for tenants. The result is improved health and a reduction in potential issues such as mould growth that can occur with leaks, condensation and poor ventilation systems in place. Here we’ll run through the main ways we can help, and what to consider when looking at ventilation solutions for social housing.

Reactive maintenance – fixing problems

As landlords, you have important legal obligations to fulfil regarding indoor air quality. But rectifying any issues with mould or damp is also a sound investment in the future of your property.

What’s more, it’s vital that work is carried out swiftly and that solutions have an immediate effect. See how we can quickly help you banish ventilation issues – and safeguard both your tenants’ health and your assets going forward.

Planned maintenance – preventing problems

Prevention is always better than cure. If you can improve the ventilation and indoor air quality of your properties, you can make them far less welcoming places for spore growth and condensation. This will dramatically reduce the likelihood of mould or similar issues arising.

Our skilled technicians can help you identify the most suitable solutions for your homes using BIM models, Selectair software and specialist system design advice.

New-build developments

With the need for almost entirely airtight homes signed into new building regulations, ventilation has become a crucial consideration for housing developers. We can help make certain you meet the minimum legal requirements and go even further.

Benefits of social housing ventilation systems

  • Future-proof your homes and make them as energy-efficient as possible.
  • Avoid the risk of tenants suffering from toxic house syndrome, which can strike when airborne pollutants build up in airtight spaces and lead to health issues.
  • Consult us right at the earliest design stages, your costs will be minimised, and your systems will work seamlessly.
  • With our wide range of ventilation solutions, we’ll make certain you have one that precisely meets your needs, satisfies the new regulations and produces the best results.

Why choose Airflow for your social housing ventilation solutions

With over 60 years of meeting the ventilation needs of many happy customers, we believe in working together to achieve better results of effective, reliable ventilation solutions so you and your tenants live in a healthy environment. Our knowledgeable, trained technicians can provide support to ensure your ventilation projects run smoothly to improve air quality and increase energy efficiency.

Our highly effective range of solutions includes:

  • Intermittent extractor fans
  • Constant running extractor fans
  • Heat recovery ventilation
  • Retro-ducting system

Social housing ventilation solutions in action

At the Saffron Acres development in Leicester, we delivered mechanical ventilation with heat recovery systems for 68 new homes. This enabled the houses to comply with passive house standards,reating the largest (and first) affordable passive house development in the UK at the time – and setting a benchmark for green social housing.

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