Landlords, Your Tenant’s Health and Wellbeing is Your Responsibility

Landlords, Your Tenant’s Health and Wellbeing is Your Responsibility

By Kira Jopp on Mon 02 March 2020

The Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018 requires landlords and property owners to ensure their dwellings are fit for purpose and human habitation.

As an amendment to the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985,the act came into force in March 2019 and was implemented for new tenancy agreements put into place from that date forward. However, on the 20th March 2020 the Homes Act is being rolled out to all pre-existing agreements and tenancies.

This means tenants are now able to take legal action against their landlord, social or private, if their property does not meet the habitable requirements. Landlords can no longer neglect the maintenance of properties as tenants can take them to court and the judge can issue an injunction to ensure the work is carried out.

This list, that determines what deems a property unfit, includes freedom from Damp, Ventilation and Mould, all of which can be avoided by a performing ventilation system.

Many ventilation systems do not meet the installed requirements set out in Building Regulations, Part F. This means although the extractor fan can meet the required air movement, once installed with ducting and additional pressures behind the fan, the performance will drop and no longer meet the requirement. This lack of ventilation leads to condensation build up which overtime leads to damp and mould within the dwelling’s fabrics. This mould then lets off compounds into the air that the occupants of the building breathe in.

The build-up of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and airborne pollutants can lead to detrimental health issues for the occupants. We have seen many new pieces of data and studies outlining this issue, from short term coughs, throat irritation and headaches to long term respiratory problems and lung defects.

This new legislation means suffering tenants can now prosecute their building owner if they have experienced any of these side affects due to the neglected fabrics of their home. Landlords need to now take responsibility for their tenant’s health and wellbeing and ensure efficient means of ventilation are put into place to help reduce the risks.

Airflow is supporting and working with Landlords to ensure their ventilation systems exceed building requirements and more importantly help to reduce the indoor air pollution in the dwelling. With over 60 years of ventilation knowledge, Airflow can help provide the perfect solution from their array of ventilation solutions.

With over 10 different ranges of extractor fans including the renowned iCON and whisper silent QuietAir, Airflow can supply and specify the perfect fan for every application.

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