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Why You Should Care About Air Pollution
Discover the key facts about air pollution in the UK and why indoor air quality should be a key part of your planning process

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Airflow is proud to announce that Duplexvent Rotary range now includes 14 models

Building upon the highly successful Duplexvent range of commercial MVHR units, Airflow is proud to announce that the new Duplexvent Rotary and Rotary-N ranges are now available.

The ranges utilise the latest technology to make it as easy as possible to make adjustments to the ventilation being provided. Adjusting the unit's ventilation can be done through the internet via smartphone or computer, BMS or through Airflow's unique VAV system.

Click here to learn more about the new Duplexvent Rotary ranges

Alternatively, click here to learn more about Airflow's VAV Damper System.

Discover why you need to emphasise the importance of air quality

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