Intumescent Fire Collars and Sleeves for Ducting

Intumescent range including sleeves and collars that enable air ventilation ductwork to comply with fire safety regulations.


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Fire sleeve 75mm double ended
Product Ref: 90001022
Price: £65.16 each

Fire sleeve 75mm diameter double ended.

Fire sleeve 100mm double ended
Product Ref: 90001023
Price: £73.26 each

Fire sleeve 100mm diameter double ended

Fire sleeve 125mm double ended
Product Ref: 90001024
Price: £113.23 each

Fire sleeve 125mm diameter double ended.

Fire sleeve 205x60mm double ended
Product Ref: 90001025
Price: £80.17 each

Fire sleeve 205x 60 rectangular double ended.

Fire Collar 75-82mm
Product Ref: 90000108
Price: £30.82 each

Fire Collar 75-82mm

Fire Collar 100-110mm
Product Ref: 90000109
Price: £32.46 each

Fire Collar 100-110mm

Fire Collar 125-130mm
Product Ref: 90000110
Price: £59.90 each

Fire Collar 125-130mm

Fire Collar 150-160mm
Product Ref: 90000111
Price: £66.65 each

Fire Collar 150-160mm

Fire Collar 205x60mm
Product Ref: 90000107
Price: £89.98 each

Fire Collar 205x60mm