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By Lucy Holland on Tue 24 March 2020


Why should you choose an NICEIC approved installer to install your fan?

Understand the importance of using a competent installer to install your extractor fan or ventilation system

What Fan Should You Use?

Understand what you should look out for when choosing your extractor fan

The Importance of Effective Ventilation in an Office

Did you know that indoor air pollution affects concentration and prouctivity levels in an office?

Top Tips to Designing a Good Ventilation System Part 2

Discover the other factors that will help you specify the best ventilation system for your circumstances

Top Tips to Designing a Good Ventilation System Part 1

By following these tips, you’ll be able to guarantee that your ventilation system is the best for your circumstances

What is a Flue Dilution Fan?

Understand what a flue dilution fan is and why you would use one

Different Types of Ventilation Control

Discover the various types control normally found within domestic intermittent fans

These three types of ducting will help you ventilate your property

Discover rigid, flexible and semi-rigid ducting and understand how they can be used to ventilate your property

Could your ventilation manufacturer be lying to you?

Discover why the manufacturer's claims about their fan's performance may not always be what you'll get.

Contractor or Installer? Here's your chance to win a van!

Discover how you can be rewarded for your loyalty to Airflow and the QuietAir as well as win a new van.

3 Ways How Online Ordering From Airflow Can Save You Time and Money

Trade Customer? Discover how online ordering from Airflow can speed up your ordering process and maximise your sales opportunities

Five Top Tips to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

These easy to do tips will help you improve your indoor air quality and in turn protect your health and the fabric of your home

VAV Control System

Airflow utilise a system that enable you maintain a consistently high quality indoor air environment

Duplexent Rotary

Airflow is proud to announce that we have expanded our range of Duplexvent Rotary commercial MVHR units

Different Types of Fans

Discover the differences between the various types of intermittent fans that can be used in the home.

Whole House Ventilation Systems

Understand the key differences between MEV and MVHR in our latest blog.

Using MVHR for Social Housing

Discover the potential benefits to landlords, councils and tenants will receive by having an MVHR system installed in their home.

The Numbers of Air Quality in the UK

Take a look at the numbers that are associated with air quality in the UK

What are the different types of ventilation?

Don't understand ventilation? You will by the end of this blog. This blog explains the basics of room ventilation systems that are available in the UK.

What is dMEV?

Confused by the many acronyms found within the ventilation industry? We'll help you understand one of the more commonly used acronyms in the industry during the course of this blog - dMEV

Avoiding Installation Horror Stories

See why you should always ensure that your ventilation system is installed correctly and why Airflow now only recommend NICEIC accredited installers where possible.

Discover the Duplexvent Multi-N

Read why the Duplexvent Multi-N should be first on every specifier's list when choosing a commercial MVHR system

Don't Overheat This Summer

Understand the different types of bypass facilities that are available with Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) units as well as their pros and cons.

The Hot Topic

With an increased focus on reducing heat loss and an emphasis on making our buildings as airtight as possible, UK homes are now dangerously at risk of overheating in the summer. Here, our Product Marketing Executive, Robert Dennis, looks at how to negate overheating, protect against indoor air pollutants and contribute to building performance by using efficient, effective ventilation solutions.

Commercial Ventilation - Making an Informed Choice

The importance of good indoor air quality is gaining greater recognition within commercial environments. This is a positive step and here, John Kelly our Marketing Manager looks at the factors that need to be considered when making an informed decision about ventilation options.

Explaining Toxic Home Syndrome

Understand what causes Toxic Home Syndrome, its effect on human health and how you can combat it within your home.

Don't Let Your Sales Go Stale

Discover how advising customers about proper ventilation throughout their home can help protect their home and investment as well as improve your customer service.