What is Passive House/Passivhaus?

Passive House is one of the world's leading energy efficiency standards and construction concept made to build comfortable, versatile and affordable energy efficient homes.

By Kiran Sagoo on Mon 11 July 2022

Does MVHR comply with the UK’s Government Building Regulations?

Discover what the new government building regulations mean for ventilation and how Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) fits in.

By Kiran Sagoo on Mon 11 July 2022

Clean Air Day: Air Pollution Dirties Every Organ in Your Body

For many years Airflow have been taking part in this campaign to help promote clean indoor air and educate the public on why it is so important.

By Kira Jopp on Thu 16 June 2022

Be Prepared for Winter

With exams over and winter weather arriving, there is still anxiety over Covid-19 rising in numbers.

By Sophie Neaves on Tue 24 May 2022

New iCON Coloured Covers

A whole new range of iCON-coloured covers are arriving at Airflow. Making any room sleek and stylish.

By Sophie Neaves on Wed 23 March 2022

Six Reasons Why Ventilation in Classrooms is Essential

The importance of effective ventilation is paramount, it will not just improve the quality of air, but will also increase concentration and productivity levels of the students.

By Kira Jopp on Tue 11 January 2022

Solutions to Improving IAQ in Schools

At Airflow we offer a wide range of MVHR solutions to improve the indoor air quality in schools and classrooms.

By Kira Jopp on Fri 15 October 2021

Effects of Poor Indoor Air Quality in Schools

Indoor air quality has been found to negatively impact concentration and productivity levels within offices and classrooms. This issue is a particular problem in the UK.

By Kira Jopp on Fri 24 September 2021

The Importance of Effective Ventilation in Dentist Practices

With people still having to attend dentist and orthodontist appointments during the pandemic, ventilation is more important than ever.

By Kira Jopp on Mon 05 July 2021

Overheating in Commercial and Domestic Buildings

The World Health Organizations’ guidance on thermal comfort states that temperatures above 24°C cause discomfort, and in the more fragile and susceptible members of the population, can cause harm.

By Kira Jopp on Wed 31 March 2021