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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Statement

By Lucy Holland on Thu 23 April 2020


Landlords, Your Tenant’s Health and Wellbeing is Your Responsibility

By Lucy Holland on Mon 02 March 2020

Why should you choose an NICEIC approved installer to install your fan?

Understand the importance of using a competent installer to install your extractor fan or ventilation system

What Fan Should You Use?

Understand what you should look out for when choosing your extractor fan

The Importance of Effective Ventilation in an Office

Did you know that indoor air pollution affects concentration and prouctivity levels in an office?

Top Tips to Designing a Good Ventilation System Part 2

Discover the other factors that will help you specify the best ventilation system for your circumstances

Top Tips to Designing a Good Ventilation System Part 1

By following these tips, you’ll be able to guarantee that your ventilation system is the best for your circumstances

What is a Flue Dilution Fan?

Understand what a flue dilution fan is and why you would use one

Different Types of Ventilation Control

Discover the various types control normally found within domestic intermittent fans

These three types of ducting will help you ventilate your property

Discover rigid, flexible and semi-rigid ducting and understand how they can be used to ventilate your property

Could your ventilation manufacturer be lying to you?

Discover why the manufacturer's claims about their fan's performance may not always be what you'll get.

Contractor or Installer? Here's your chance to win a van!

Discover how you can be rewarded for your loyalty to Airflow and the QuietAir as well as win a new van.