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VAV Damper System that doesn't need a BMS

You can now reduce the costs of the ventilation system that you are designing for your new commercial building without compromising on its performance.

By utilising the new Variable Air Volume (VAV) Damper System alongside a Duplexvent commercial MVHR system, you can specify a ventilation system that ensures optimum air quality and comfort, whilst swiftly responding to localised changes in demand in each area of the building. What makes this particular type of VAV Damper System unique is that it can do all of this without the need of a BMS system.

Why should you use a VAV system?

Commercial buildings such as offices, schools, hospitals and retail environments should utilise Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) technology to protect the building fabric, as well as ensure occupants are benefitting from healthy, fresh air and a comfortable indoor climate.

However, with many centralised MVHR systems without a VAV system, the ventilation rate remains the same in each room regardless of changes in occupancy levels, temperature or humidity. This means that constant human intervention is needed to deliver the correct air flow at the required system pressure.

Why use Airflow's VAV Damper System?

By integrating your Duplexvent commercial MVHR unit with Airflow's VAV Damper System, you can control the flow of air to specific identifiable zones of the building (or even a large meeting room) in response to changes in demand. Unlike other VAV systems out there, the VAV dampers fitted to the Duplexvent range constantly monitor the air volume passing through the system and send this information to the ventilation control unit.

The communication between each damper and the central unit allows the MVHR system to increase or decrease the flow rate quickly and efficiently based on the demand. When used in conjunction with humidity or CO2 sensors, these dampers can automatically adjust the ventilation based on the usage or occupancy of that room, independent of the other areas within the building.

Airflow’s VAV system also provides the option of manual adjustment for applications where the user requires a level of control. All of this, without the need of a BMS System that can add significant cost to the construction of the building.

About Airflow's VAV Damper System

By using Airflow's VAV Damper system with your MVHR unit, you get:

  • A Ventilation system with compatible controller and VAV dampers
  • Zonal, demand control for your building's ventilation system, complete with independent monitoring and air flow regulation for individual area requirements
  • Intelligent, internet controlled dampers for fine adjustment of air flow
  • A system that optimises the performance of an MVHR unit
  • Real time data transfer and regulation of the VAV dampers from a central monitoring station
  • A damper system that helps you to analyse the ventilation heating (optional) energy costs by zone
  • A damper system with five duct connection sizes available
  • Left and Right hand configurations