5 Benefits of Installing an MVHR System

5 Benefits of Installing an MVHR System

By Kiran Sagoo on Mon 11 July 2022

5 Benefits of Installing an MVHR System

The past 3 years have been a whirlwind and without a doubt it’s been tough adjusting to the new norm. And as a result of the recent pandemic there was lots to think about, air quality being one of them. In parallel the Government recently announced new building regulations to support the UK’s net zero target and build a cleaner environment. Therefore ventilation regulations have changed and many developers will be adopting Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) to meet the requirements, commercially and residentially.

Here's why MVHR is a top pick…


Air quality 

As Covid-19 swept the globe, there’s been greater focus on air quality than ever before. Streets emptied, levels of pollution still plummeted, and awareness of the issue globally increased. As a result, MVHR has been a hot topic, and although it’s been around for decades, advances in technology have allowed intelligent engineering to drastically improve Indoor air quality (IAQ). 

MVHR extracts stale air and supplies clean filtered air that is warmed using the recovered heat from the extracted air. In return this helps reduce the risk of virus transmission and reduces the risk of a variety of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, like asthma and strokes. Additionally, fresh air increases your serotonin levels, making you happier. A Harvard University study also found that lowering carbon dioxide levels, boosting ventilation and removing toxic office-based chemicals, all increased productivity by 8%. 

Not to mention homes are becoming increasingly airtight through efficiency measures such as insulation, draught-proofing and double-glazed windows. Thus, a lack of ventilation will create moisture from everyday activities such as cooking and washing. With nowhere to go, this moisture collects on cold surfaces such as windows and outside walls and causes condensation, damp and mould growth, all of which contribute to poor IAQ. Let’s not forget that some types of mould are toxic and contribute to illnesses like rashes and headaches too.

As MVHR constantly ventilates a property, everyday moisture will have no time to settle on surfaces. In addition to this MVHR will remove harmful pollutants that come from within the home, like carbon monoxide from combustion appliances and volatile organic compounds from things like aerosols, candles and air fresheners.


Heat Recovery 

Heat recovery is one of the primary benefits and MVHR systems can recover up to 90% of heat in a room. This means that stale air is removed but heat within that air is not lost. The less heat lost, the less heat will be needed to achieve a comfortable temperature inside a building. And by avoiding large-scale heat loss, MVHR plays a significant role in making spaces more environmentally friendly, empowering the UK’s net zero agenda to ‘Build Back Greener.


Fuel costs 

With inflation hitting us all around the country, there’s greater urgency to create energy-efficient homes/buildings to help the economy. And of course, sophisticated and intensive ventilation systems are required. As MVHR recovers up to 90% of normally wasted heat and uses less energy that a traditional heating system uses, it saves you money on your energy bills.


Comfortable conditions 

No matter what time of year it is, a MVHR system will ensure a consistent temperature in a home or office. Users can change the airflow manually if needed, with the option to boost the output. Furthermore, MVHR will help reduce allergy symptoms, especially in the summer, as hay fever is very common amongst the population. The filtering system traps pollen, so you’re no longer irritated by sneezing, sniffling, itching and so on.

Odours are also a nuisance and unfortunately stale air has an unfriendly smell, certain foods and pets also have a distinctive lingering smell. Fortunately, with MVHR you’re constantly supplied with fresh air and won’t have to worry about your house smelling unpleasant.

Alongside this, many of us still feel on edge about falling ill due to Covid circulating around the globe, and adequate ventilation will reduce anxiety over falling ill. Therefore creating a comfortable environment for all.


No need for open windows 

With an MVHR system you don’t need to constantly open windows to insure you get fresh air. Consequently, you won’t have to deal with outside noise, and it will keep your house/building safe, as open windows create an opportunity for burglars.

Overall it’s clear that the recent pandemic highlighted the importance of effective ventilationMVHR, and the health benefits offer a compelling reason to invest in such systems – for both home developers and employers.