Understanding MVHR cooling

MVHR has the capability to increase and decrease the temperature of the air being supplied to your home. Find out more about the cooling aspect of MVHR.

By Sophie Neaves on Fri 21 July 2023

Everything you Need to Know about Passive House

Our comprehensive passivhaus guide covers everything you need to know about passive house. Discover how smart building design saves money and energy.

By Sophie Neaves on Fri 19 May 2023

MVHR Guide: Everything You Need To Know About MVHR

Our MVHR guide tells you everything you need to know about MVHR. Discover the immense potential of mechanical ventilation with heat recovery.

By Sophie Neaves on Fri 19 May 2023

The Pollution & Schools Report

Children are among those affected most by air pollution. They breathe more rapidly than adults and so absorb more pollutants, plus they have smaller airways. Additionally, they suffer from more respir

By Sophie Neaves on Mon 03 April 2023

Covid-19 & ventilation: what did the pandemic teach us about the importance of IAQ?

The Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of indoor air quality to not only reduce transmission, but maintain good human health. Learn more about why IAQ is important.

By Sophie Neaves on Fri 10 March 2023

What are the Government Requirements for Residential Ventilation?

The Building Regulations 2010 released guidance on household ventilation. Get a better understanding of the building requirements for household ventilation.

By Sophie Neaves on Fri 10 March 2023

Why is household mould bad for your health and how can MVHR prevent it?

Mould is a type of fungus which grows best in damp, poorly ventilated areas. Learn how mould is bad for your health and how MVHR prevents it.

By Sophie Neaves on Mon 27 February 2023

Introducing the iCONsmart

We’re bringing you a new and exciting innovation ideal for toilets, en-suites, shower rooms and bathrooms – Next generation smarter ventilation control

By Kiran Sagoo on Mon 19 December 2022

What ventilation systems are best for kitchens?

Having proper ventilation in the kitchen is essential to improve air quality. Check out this article to find out which ventilation systems are the best.

By Kiran Sagoo on Tue 29 November 2022

How Does Ventilation Prevent Condensation?

Without proper ventilation, moisture can collect on surfaces and cause condensation. Find out how ventilation can be used to prevent condensation.

By Kiran Sagoo on Mon 28 November 2022