What Fan Should You Use?

It’s a daunting task when choosing an extractor fan to meet your needs. With so much choice available, it can become overwhelming trying to find the right fan.

By Kira Jopp on Thu 12 December 2019

Top Tips To Designing A Good Ventilation System

A sign of a good ventilation system is that it’s unnoticeable. A perfectly designed ventilation system is quiet, energy efficient and provides the property and its occupants healthy, fresh air.

By Kira Jopp on Tue 10 December 2019

What Type Of Fan And Where?

Building Regulations Approved Document F: Ventilation (2010 Edition), stipulates the provision of adequate mechanical ventilation rates in non-habitable rooms such as toilets, bathrooms, kitchens etc.

By Kira Jopp on Sat 25 May 2019

Could Your Ventilation Manufacturer Be Lying To You?

Many manufacturers claim that their fan can do certain things. However, when the fan is installed, these claims may not be possible.

By Kira Jopp on Thu 23 May 2019